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Phone System Support And Maintenance Costs Weighing You Down?

by John Ciarlone on May 7, 2014

voip-phone-systems-12These days, a business's communications outlays can quickly become one of their most expensive ongoing budget items. With an increasing need for more service providers AND more on-site hardware, the result is a highly complex and expensive system that creates as many problems as its solves.

On top of that, having multiple points of contact at multiple service providers can create big bottlenecks for repairs, installations, or service changes. Besides the usual frustrations of calling in and sitting on hold, your business is effectively at the mercy of the phone companies and their subcontractors.

Then, there are cross-service compatibility issues to consider. If, for example, there's a dispute over what entity is responsible for maintaining your local lines, you could end up left in the lurch while other companies or government branches argue over whose responsibility you are.

However, there's a new alternative and for relatively low upgrade costs, it can radically simplify all your telephone maintenance problems: The ADTRAN NetVanta 7100.

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adtran phone Adtran 7100: A New Approach To Business Telephone Service

For years, ADTRAN has been working to establish themselves as the company providing enterprise-quality equipment to small- and medium-sized businesses. In many ways, the 7100 is the culmination of that approach.

The 7100 combines a full-featured Internet Switch with all the PBX hardware necessary to put Voice-over-IP calls onto the copper wire grid, and vice-versa. It is, in a very real sense, a phone company in a box: everything you need to support and operate your own in-house phone system, with no outside providers required.

Your only monthly bill would be for the raw Internet bandwidth. Everything else is controlled by you.

A single 7100 (along with phones and access points, of course) creates a truly all-in-one solution that combines your data and voice systems into a true Unified Communications setup, ready for future expansion into the globalist business environment.

The Benefits Of The ADTRAN NetVanta 7100 For Growing Operations

The biggest benefit of the 7100 is probably also the most sublime: The idea of never again having to call a phone company for support. Your own IT department would be handling your telephone services, and any problems can be solved internally.

However, the ongoing benefits are substantial:

  • Effectively free local, long distance, or even 1-800-style toll-free calls, which only cost as much as the bandwidth they use.

  • Combined networking and phone operations in a single unified interface

  • The easy-to-use GUI doesn't require advanced technical knowledge

  • Drastic reductions in support and repair time

  • Robust "smart" functions optimize your network to prioritize your VoIP calls over less-vital downloads

  • Plenty of ports and user licensing options make expansions easy

  • A virtualized network interface which can be seamlessly expanded onto Wide Area Networks or even global operations

  • ADTRAN's own best-in-class technical support and warranties back the hardware.

The bottom line is: Once a company installs a 7100, it will be years before they should need to upgrade again.  It's built for long life.

For More Flexibility, Consider ADTRAN ProServicesadtran phone system

In another industry first, ADTRAN also offers optional offsite services alongside all of their networking products. When you buy ADTRAN hardware, you have the option of subscribing to their ProServices packages for extra support.

These can include:

  • Initial consultation and installation

  • Ongoing offsite or even dedicated on-site technical support

  • High-quality hybrid private clouds for data storage

  • Remote monitoring or systems administration services

So, a lack of on-site technical expertise doesn't need to be a barrier either! The combination of the NetVanta 7100 and ADTRAN's support means on-site telephone hosting is within reach of virtually any enterprise.

Is It Time To "Cut The Cord"?

On-site telephone solutions are far more affordable than they've ever been, and can quickly eliminate the need for any outside phone services.

If you're tired of dealing with telephone technical support and billing issues, give us a call! We'll show you a whole new way of handling your telephone systems.

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