Diversity and inclusion are at the core of Hummingbird Networks. Being a woman-owned business we realize its importance to continued success. It is our goal to create an environment of acceptance and belonging for all of our current and future team members. Hummingbird Networks is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion where anyone can feel a sense of belonging.

Hummingbird Networks' Strategy for Diversity & Inclusion

Our strategy for fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion is centered around achieving better business results and improved communication and collaboration. 

We are committed to:

  • Showing that diversity and inclusion are at the core of every action we take
  • Establishing a place where every team member can feel comfortable being themselves and have only positive experiences  
  • Ensure each coworker feels valued and that they are able to communicate freely 

A Welcome Embrace

We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels like they can belong. From the beginning, being a woman-owned business, we understood the importance of a diverse workforce and its impact on business growth. It is our hope to promote a respectful and inclusive environment in every aspect of our business. 

Our culture

Our people are our greatest strength and asset. That is why we have cultivated a culture that actively promotes and celebrates creative thinking, a collaborative attitude, and driving better business results. We are stepping up to make sure that our entire team, present, and future, feel included and valued. 
Diversity is Critical to Our Success
Each member of our team brings their own unique life background to the workplace, and that only strengthens our team and how we achieve results. 

Woman-Owned Business

Founded in 2002 by Jeanine Duncan and several family members, Hummingbird Networks continues to be a woman-owned enterprise today. In the technology sector, women remain underrepresented and we hope to help change that through empowerment and encouragement


Supporting a More Inclusive Industry

We work to support an inclusive environment that supports women in technology through recruitment and professional development. The technology industry is male-dominated and it is important for us to foster a workplace where anyone can feel comfortable and thrive.  

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We Are Stronger Together

Hummingbird Networks' mission is to create a highly visible, inclusive environment for all of our current and future team members.  We know that the only way we can succeed and achieve better business results is through team members from all backgrounds. 

More About our Workplace Culture