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An In Depth Look Inside the Meraki Security Camera MV21 and MV71

Posted by Jason Blalock on Oct 18, 2016 6:26:00 AM

We're becoming accustomed to surprises coming out of Meraki.  This Cisco-owned brand of cloud-based networking platforms has quickly established itself in the last few years as the most exciting new innovator in network technologies.  But even we were caught a little off guard when Meraki announced the latest addition to their lineup:

Meraki Security Cameras.

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5 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Security Before this Holiday Season

Posted by James Lay on Oct 11, 2016 6:30:00 AM

The growing number of cybercrime incidents is a major concern for the e-commerce sector. In 2015 alone, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses were hacked, with millions of customer and business records being lost in the process. In fact, it is believed that breaches cost us between $375 and $575 billion annually.

This tells us one thing – cyber crime is real. And, it’s dangerous. If you’re hit, you might go out of business never to come back again.

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Topics: Network Security

Small Business Firewalls Compared: Meraki MX64 vs. Dell Sonicwall Soho

Posted by Jason Blalock on Oct 4, 2016 6:30:00 AM


While it's easy to get caught up in talking about the latest and greatest in high-end networking hardware, there's been another quieter technological revolution happening in networking;  A major renaissance in small business hardware which is suitable for startups, SMBs, or even home\garage offices.

Previously, a startup on a budget would probably have to buy off-the-shelf products, possibly even plain consumer-grade hardware.  Besides not giving them the services and reliability a business needs, this would also cause greater problems down the line.  Eventually, if their venture succeeded, they'd have to throw all of it out and start over from scratch with business-grade equipment.

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What's The Average WiFi Speed? Hint: It's Higher Than You Think

Posted by James Lay on Sep 27, 2016 6:31:00 AM

Everywhere you go, someone will be complaining about internet speed. In fact, in a certain survey, only 4 in 10 users said they were satisfied with their average WiFi speed. 

This is understandable considering that the digital user is increasingly dependent on the internet to get things done. Whether it’s in the office working or back at home whiling away a weekend, users will always be seen surfing the web on their smartphones, attending a webinar on their PC, or catching up with a movie on their smart TV. All these require stable internet connection.  But sometimes these connections become too slow, making it difficult to comfortably accomplish your online tasks. And that's when all hell can break loose.

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Topics: Wireless Access Points, Wi-Fi Signal Strength, Wi-Fi Bridging/Mesh Network

New Technologies Allow Your IT Engineer To Work Smarter, Not Harder

Posted by Jason Blalock on Sep 20, 2016 6:00:00 AM

For many years -really, the past two decades- trying to design and implement a large-scale network was a herculean task.  It required a high degree of expertise to create in the first place, as well as constant monitoring and oversight from the IT engineer and other staff.  

The problem is, this just doesn't work for many newer businesses looking to grow.  It's no secret that there's a lack of high-level IT expertise in the industry, especially for systems security.   Many growing SMBs and other budget-conscious organizations simply cannot afford the pricetag that real networking expertise demands.  This either inhibits their growth or (arguably worse) forces them to patch together a piecemeal ad-hoc network which will never be sufficiently stable or secure.

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Topics: Adtran ProCloud, Meraki, SD Wan

Meraki Security Cameras Officially Give Meraki the Full Stack

Posted by Justine Shaffer on Sep 13, 2016 7:26:11 AM

Meraki now officially has the “full stack” with their latest product line- Meraki Security Cameras.The new MV Security Cameras are exactly what you would expect from Meraki: sleek, cutting-edge, easy to deploy and cloud-managed. One of the best parts about this surveillance system is that it eliminates the need for complex extra systems such as additional on-premise hardware, standalone software packages, and external recording devices.

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Topics: Network Security, Meraki

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