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ADTRAN Netvanta Switches: All The Power You Need

by John Ciarlone on April 15, 2013

adtran switchesBeing able to find a great deal on all of your networking needs can seem like a difficult and lofty goal, but it really doesn't have to be. In fact, you can find amazing prices on things such as switches, transceivers, and other equipment on top of great benefits that other, bigger brand names make you pay even more fees for. One of the industry leading lines for hardware is Adtran Netvanta because of all the unbeatable features and included benefits that can't be found anywhere else.

Short on Time? Download Our Free Guide: Top 10 Reasons to Use Adtran Switches

In particular, if you're in the market for new switches for your rack mount ups, you don't always have to resort to buying them from major manufacturers and labels such as Cisco equipment--especially when Cisco already makes you buy so much as part of their hardware. Not only are you paying above and beyond for the switches, you are also paying much more for things such as warranties and technical support when other competitors offer this and much more for absolutely free.

adtran netvanta 1531p

So, what can you expect when you invest in Adtran Netvanta switches for your own business technology needs? Here are some of the best benefits any business can get right now.

Free Extras, No Strings Attached

When you go to purchase something from a huge name brand like Cisco, you always have to pay extra for something called Smartnet, which is all of the extras that you can add on for protection reasons on your valuable gear. This includes technical support, customer service, next-day returns and other such things that can be very handy during those panicked "what if" scenarios that can arise. However, why should you be paying for things like that when you get them for free elsewhere?

That's right, you don't have to pay a premium for things that should be free simply because you're a loyal customer. If your switches need to be replaced immediately, you don't have to pay even more money to have expedited business class shipping for replacement parts. If you need help with configuration or set-up, you don't need to pay up to simply talk to somebody about your questions. And that is a guarantee.

Industry Leading Warranty

Speaking of free customer service features added on to your investment, you will also receive an unbeatable and industry leading support and warranty that not even Cisco can match with
their current services. Most Adtran Netvanta warranties are good FOR LIFE, with unmatched services to help you keep everything up and running without premium fees or strings attached.

compatible sfp

Compatible Switches For All Networking Gear
You don't need to invest in gear that is all manufactured under the same label, and in fact that can be a very pricey endeavor (Especially if you're going the Cisco-only route). The same can be said about your network switches. Instead of having your technology budget quickly dwindle and disappear, you can use compatible parts that can work with any kind of majorly labeled hardware, even with network switches. Be able to go even further with your technology budget and switches when everything is compatible with one another.

When you're putting together a budget for your technology department and need all of the best and most high quality hardware, you don't always have to automatically choose the big brands. It shouldn't matter if you're a small or medium sized business or even a larger enterprise-level business, you can save quite a bit of money by going with Adtran Netvanta switches while also getting so much support for free.

Topics: Adtran Switches, Extending Ethernet

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