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When It's Best To Use A Rack Mount UPS

by John Ciarlone on April 18, 2013

Everything needs to be highly organized and in the best condition when it comes to your networking hardware, rack mount upswhether it's for a huge server room or a single unit with rack mounts. That means being able to provide the best solutions for your business while also saving time--and most importantly, money--with the right kind of solutions and hardware. One of the most popular and sought after hardware when it comes to business class networking is, of course, the rack mount UPS.

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tripplite ups How exactly does a rack mount UPS help a business? Easy, it's the equipment which helps with the cooling and power distribution of all of the racks, servers, and other hardware that helps you continue to provide IP telephony and Internet solutions to the office. So, when is the perfect time to use a rack mount such as this when it pertains to your business? Some of the easiest ways to know are the following:

  • When you're running a business, small or large, and rely heavily on hardware that provides Internet access and networking solutions. This is especially true for businesses that rely on the Internet for their main source of revenue.

  • Large or massive amounts of data need to be stored, sent, and archived. This also means being able to protect all of your expensive hardware with cooling, power allotment, battery back-up, emergency power off, and filtering.

  • You're scaling your business, which includes all of your servers and rack mounts. Scaling a business is a very integral time that means you can invest in a rack mount UPS system and be protected for any "bad" scenarios that might arise.

There are several other reasons that marks the "right" time to get a rack mount UPS, but the simple answer is that anytime is the perfect time for you to invest in one. You need to be able to protect every asset that helps your business succeed, so why take the time and spend so much energy on building a great server system and then not go a little further to help prevent over heating, power failures, or other horrible situations?

tripp lite rack mount The Cost of Rack Mounts

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses think that they can't afford one right now and need to be on an enterprise-level company to even start thinking of purchasing such a rack mount device. This is a very common myth that hinders countless small and medium-sized businesses that have the ability to purchase a rack mount to help protect all of their major assets, data, networking, and everything else pertaining to their technology department.

In fact, businesses looking to save some money are able to find discounted rack mounts online through all sorts of warehouses and technology retailers. Another option that businesses with smaller budgets can consider are refurbished rack mounts, although brand new ones can be purchased for much less when you choose the right kind of retailer.

Importance of Back-ups
The best way to justify a rack mount UPS is considering it a necessity for all of your contingency plans, making sure that you place an utmost importance on back-ups and your information. Are you ready if your entire network system went down, or was completely fried? Not even a cloud computing account can save your information from such an unfortunate scenario, which is where such a rack mount comes into play.

Don't be left behind when it comes to being ready for anything and having all of the right gear to keep everything important to your business protected and safe.


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