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3 Underrated Features Of A Rack Mount UPS

by John Ciarlone on August 30, 2013

Rack mount UPS

When clients are investigating new options for Uninterrupted Power Systems, they usually come to us with a good idea of their company's basic needs. Questions like how large of a power supply will be needed are easily answered, and so there usually isn't much doubt about the basic options.

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Rack Mount UPS

Rack mount UPS units also offer a number of other features beyond the basics, and these are options that are well worth consideration as well. The right UPS will be part of your network operations for many years. Picking the best options today will generally pay off for a long time to come.

So, we've selected three features to focus on, ones that don't get discussed as often. A better knowledge of your options today will make buying day go much more smoothly, as well as helping maximize the return on your purchase!


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Three Options To Consider When Buying A Rack Mount UPS Unit

  1. Size

More than when buying a stand-alone UPS, the size of the rack mount unit is something you should be certain of before placing an order. Obviously, it has to fit in your server rack. However, its depth is worth thinking about as well. Even if your rack can accommodate longer units, it's often worth buying the shortest UPS that will support your needs.

Space in server cabinets and server rooms is always at a premium, and buying a smaller network rack is often a good way to reclaim some of that space. When this happens, your UPS will still be ready to move over and keep going.

  1. Hot-Swapability

Speaking of which, consider buying a UPS which is easily swapped out. Tripp Lite offers a product line that can all be changed out simply and quickly by anyone on your network staff.

Previously, a UPS often had to be exchanged by electricians in an operation that could be dangerous to laypeople, but Tripp Lite's systems make it as simple as changing out any other network component. When needed, this can be coupled with a second battery that keeps the system running during the changeover, making for absolutely seamless transitions.

You won't need special services, and there's no impact to your coworkers.

  1. LCD Displaysrackmount ups

Just because you're buying a rack mount UPS, you don't have to sacrifice easy day-to-day maintenance and operations. Just as on stand-alone units, rack mount systems can feature LCD displays giving you constant monitoring of its vital statistics.

APC offers a line of rack mount systems with bright blue backlit displays which are easy to see, even from across a server room. You have a full range of options for readouts, including numbers and multiple graphs. These systems can also include a full interface, allowing a technician to adjust options directly on the machine without having to connect through the network.

An LCD display is a small upgrade, but it can make routine maintenance go far more smoothly.

The Right Options Fine-Tune Your Rackmount UPS Purchase

At Hummingbird Networks, we believe educated customers are the best customers, and are happy to provide all the advice you need when making a purchase. We want to make the process as fast, efficient, and friendly as possible. If you have any questions about which system is right for you, or about any of the other products we carry, don't hesitate to give us a call

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