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4 Phone System Problems Every Business Will Face at Some Point

by John Ciarlone on April 8, 2014

phone system problems Businesses are constantly using their phone systems for everyday use, whether it is an on-going sales team, internal communications, network systems, or other integral communications. This also means everyday wear and tear is eventually going to happen. It doesn't matter if you are extra careful with the equipment, sometimes you're going to run into common phone system problems. This is why it's important that you're prepared for the worst(or not so worse) by planning ahead. How exactly can you do that when you will eventually face issues with your own phone system? Here are four common problems and great contingency plans to make sure you're ready for anything.

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meraki communicationsCommon Phone Sytem Problem You May Face

1. Obsolete hardware. Unfortunately, it's going to happen at some point unless you have just recently purchased state of the art, brand new equipment. Phone system hardware becomes old and obsolete when newer technology is released with even better features, and overall improved efficiency. The best way to combat this? Updating your phone systems and ensuring your business is ahead of the curve instead of behind it. Updating your phone system every six to ten years is the best way to do this. Otherwise, obsolete hardware will lag or even give out completely. Would your business be ready if your phones went offline?


2. The system is over capacity. Successful businesses are growing each day, including yours. When you are growing out of your office and expanding your business budgets to include better hardware, this is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your system can handle all these new incoming and outgoing calls, video conferences, and other types of data handled by the systems being piped through your network. If you don't update your phone system as your business grows, then you're going to experience a multitude of issues because the phone system is over its current capacity.

small business phone systems

3. Limited features. Think limited features in your phone system isn't an issue? Soon it could be. Just like how the phone systems can go over capacity as explained in the previous bullet point, your growing business might need a new crop of features to be as efficient as possible with its day to day business dealings. If you want to do video or telecom conferences in the future that requires separate offices or remote employees to join in, does your current phone system support that? How about auto responding or touch screens on the phones themselves? All this can definitely matter for your business.


4. Cannot support more lines. Your business has been doing so well that you are able to expand your sales team! Problem is, you can't add more lines to your phone system as is. Rather than having everything screech to a halt because of this problem, you can instead prepare in advance by ensuring you have a phone system your business can grow into. This allows for a bit of elbow room, more features, and a highly efficient business.

When you rely so heavily on your phone system for everyday use, why let it go to the wayside when it comes to upgrading and ensuring you're prepared for any problems in the near future? Be prepared for these inevitable problems and you will minimize the risk of major problems such as lost profits and an inefficient business.

phone systems

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