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Business Phone Systems: The 3 Advantages To Upgrading Now

by John Ciarlone on September 20, 2012

The telephone line has provided businesses with a lifeline for several decades now. However, most organizations are stuck with the old business phone systems resulting in a significant dip in their profits.

If your calls are going unanswered, critical business meetings missed, and voice mail messages going unchecked, then you need a telephone system upgrade fast. An upgrade will enable your business to function more efficiently.

 business phone systems

It is not advisable to wait until your Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) breaks down in order to take action. 

The design of modern business phone systems is such that the system works for you by keeping the running costs down and ensuring that communication gets to the right person at the right time. There are three main advantages of modern telephone platforms. They include:

This allows the addition of extra users, as well as the turning on of new voice mail accounts without incurring extra charges. Some systems have licenses that allow network personnel to add approximately 100 users. Other features within the hardware component include power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities that allow for the plugging in and powering of up to 24 IP phones, integrated routers for high-speed voice and data communication, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), integrated firewall for securing your data and voice networks and a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

More often than not, voicemail messages in old PABX systems go unchecked. This results in loss of customers and a dip in profits for a business. The latest business telephone systems come with integrated voicemail that ensure your callers get to you even if you cannot pick their calls at that particular moment. The system storage can take in up to 3,000 messages with users getting access to personalized greetings. The system provides users with an audio or visual notification on their phones. Integrated messaging will see to it that you get a copy of any missed voicemail on your email for your prompt action. Just in case you are not at your desk, the system will route all calls to the nearest extension to your location or to your cellular phone.

Another great feature found on almost every new telephone system is the auto attendant. This feature ensuresbusiness-phone-systems-15 that your business remains accessible to customers 24 hours a day. The auto attendant feature has up to 50 pre-recorded messages that direct customers to connect to other extensions, operators, agents or departments. This feature also gives customers opening and closing hours of a store, driving directions, as well as the option of leaving a voice mail. Other notable features include paging, music on hold, call queuing or automatic call distribution, and mode scheduler.

The graphical user interface (GUI) in almost all modern phone systems makes it very easy to manage them. Most telephone systems intended for business have intuitive and easy to use GUI that greatly eases system maintenance. The best graphical user interface allow for remote system access from any networked computer. IP telephone systems also come with an emulation system that enables business owners to migrate easily to VoIP. Network engineers and administrators can also troubleshoot and make a diagnosis of their network infrastructure using voice quality monitoring tools. These tools come with intuitive and easy to use graphical interfaces that allow the review of past and active calls as well as the monitoring of the overall status of your network.

There are many resources why businesses need to upgrade to new phone systems. The new features offer a galore of modern tools that help to run and manage business operations. With the evolution of communication technology, modern business telephone systems offer more than just verbal speech communication.

 phone systems

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