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The New Bluesocket 2035 Wireless Access Point Is Fast and Reliable

by John Ciarlone on July 18, 2014

bluesocket 2035If you're looking at deploying a WiFi network that needs to cover a wide area, or will one day be widespread, the new ADTRAN Bluesocket 2035 Wireless Access Point makes a great investment in your network's future.

Bluesocket is already known throughout the virtual networking industry for its power, ease of use, and simple deployments. The BSAP 2035 takes that to the next level, adding 802.11ac support, robust new BYOD features, and the capacity to support up to six additional external antennas.

What makes the Bluesocket 2035 a great choice for networks that need room to expand? Let's take a look.

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Adtran BluesocketWhy The ADTRAN Bluesocket 2035 Wireless Access Point Is A Compelling Long-Range Investment

1 - Controllerless Architecture

As a virtualized vWLAN, Bluesocket is entirely controllerless. The network OS is part of the network itself, shared across all Bluesocket devices. When a new network appliance is added, its capabilities are instantly added to the aggregate.

This capability extends even across wide-range deployments, without any direct physical link. The AOS network architecture extends through the cloud, embracing any device you've added to the system - even if it's halfway around the world.

In effect, once you have one Bluesocket AP, you can (nearly) double your network's capabilities by adding a second one. It's that simple. Plus, for wide-range deployments, you bypass nearly all worries about physical wiring and cabling - which can be a significant issue, if you're talking about acres of land.

2 - Top-of-the-Line Speeds

802.11ac is currently the fastest WiFi protocol in general usage, with true Gigabit speeds to connected devices. The BSAP 2035 can achieve speeds up to 1.75Gbps in total, under optimal conditions.

Further, it includes a range of features intended to boost speeds as high as possible:

  • Smart packet routing is "aware" of each device's capabilities, and optimizes to match.

  • DynamicRF switching detects interference from other wireless devices, and changes the broadcast settings automatically to adjust.

  • User-configurable connection and bandwidth limits. You can custom-design the data flow on a per-app basis, if needed.

  • Support for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz broadcasts, for maximum compatibility and frequency options.

3 - Universally-Secure Access

Systems security is an especially large concern on wide-scale deployments, where actual monitoring of your entire complex may not be possible. If you cannot ensure no one tries to access your network without authorization, you need to be able to count on your security systems to keep them away.adtran bluesocket

The BSAP 2035 offers plenty of security, no matter who is trying to access, where they are, or through what device.

The virtualized system ensures that every point of access has the exact same security policies in place. Further, since central authorization isn't required, each AP has the authority to block unauthorized access at the point of contact, period. This is completely device agnostic - from laptops  to iPhones, the security is universal.

Further security can be deployed at an application level, or even per-app, for greater customization. At the app level, device-specific restrictions can also be enacted. (Such as blocking devices without up-to-date OS patches.)

Plus, ADTRAN offers a range of smart, independent Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems that scan for malicious activity 24/7, taking action to block it and alerting admins whenever something questionable happens.

ADTRAN Bluesocket 2035 Creates A Truly Global Network

Between its simple virtualization, and the long range options provided by its external antenna ports, the BSAP 2035 secure wireless access point brings the perfect foundation for long-term network planning.

Bluesocket is sweeping the industry with its power and flexibility. To learn if it's right for your business, just contact Hummingbird!


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