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Why Choosing An Adtran Router Is A Home Run For My Business

by John Ciarlone on September 14, 2013

More and more businesses are realizing that it's time for some network upgrades, so they can continue to compete in a globalized business environment. The market has exploded recently, with several vendors all offering quality equipment to compete with the high-end offerings already available. It's a buyer's market, with plenty of choices for firms of every size.

Of themore affordable options for networking equipment is ADTRAN. For the past decade, they've been at the forefront of the push to bring high-end networking to small and medium-sized businesses.

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We happily recommend ADTRAN to clients looking for router or any networking gear specifically because of how much their equipment brings to the table.


Five Ways ADTRAN Meets The Needs Of Your Growing Business

  1. Cost

It's no secret that network upgrades are often expensive, but there are times that they're needed. ADTRAN offers some of the most competitive prices on the market, usually half of the price of the competing Cisco model, while still offering comparable performance.

If Cisco's prices have you worried that modern upgrades are out of your price range, ADTRAN's line of routers may convince you otherwise.

  1. Performance

ADTRAN's networking hardware constantly gives comparable performance to Cisco's in most tests. Every ADTRAN router is designed to be future-ready, able to move into a distributed environment once it becomes available. In the meantime, if you're still using a local network, it's also just as capable in that role.

ADTRAN's products are certified to last for years as well, with industry-leading 5 and 10-year warranties available on much of their line. 

  1. Simple, Powerful Software

ADTRAN's custom AOS (Adtran Operating System) software can make network management simple enough for any office, and doesn't require a PhD to operate. Your entire network can be controlled from a single GUI interface, from anywhere in the world. Every router in your network can interface with it, allowing for easy unified control.

  1. Easy Upgrade Paths

If an all-in-one upgrade isn't in the budget, a new ADTRAN router can be a stepping stone towards larger network upgrade goals. Once the initial foundation is laid and AOS is installed, every ADTRAN product connects into the network quickly and easily with a minimum of configuration.

If all you need are new wireless access points, rather than a router, ADTRAN's BlueSocket access points and Netvanta 160 and 161 access points offer self-configuring and near plug-and-play installation.

  1. Great Customer ServiceAdtran router

ADTRAN is known throughout the industry for its superb customer service, both in technical support and financial matters. They've won multiple “Best in Class” customer service industry awards as well. Unlike far too many companies, they don't skimp on their product support, and the result are clients who walk away happy with their experience.

ADTRAN Brings Heavy Hitters To Your Team

With so many different brands of routers on the market, it's still easy for us to recommend ADTRAN. The combination of their low prices, quality products, simple operation, and great post-sale support make them our go-to pick for a company looking to get the most for its money.

ADTRAN's routers bring you the performance you need, with a low long-term TCO that makes them easy to justify on an expense report. Whether you're simply buying a replacement router, or looking make the upgrade to virtualization-ready systems, purchasing ADTRAN is a good decision.

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