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Creative Ways To Use A Tripplite UPS

by John Ciarlone on August 16, 2013

tripplite ups

You're looking for solutions to properly manage your office, server rooms, and data backup so it
 doesn't experience any power outages, blackouts, or brownouts. There are several different solutions out there so your power isn't interrupted, but one of the best happens to be the Tripplite UPS. Created to ensure that you don't have to worry about any power outages, blackouts, or surges, the Tripplite line of uninterruptible power supply units are also very affordable and easy to integrate in practically any system. But, the UPS can be used for more than just the office or server room. All sorts of unique uses are out there for the Tripplite, it's just a matter of discovering some of them.

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tripplite ups

How You Benefit From Tripp Lite 

Home Office Protection

Not only can the Tripplite help protect your system at the office, it can also be used for your home office. You're probably thinking that might be over kill when you can simply purchase a surge protector, but this is the perfect opportunity for home businesses or startups with humble beginnings to use the same kind of professional grade hardware for their own network. Instead of having to spend so much with the initial set-up of an office and then having to protect the entire network, you can start off small with the Tripplite UPS and then work up from there. You can have better spending on your business while growing a successful company. It's naturally a win-win, right?

On the flip side, the UPS from Tripplite is perfect for small businesses in a humble office setting without having to worry about the hardware failing or not being powerful enough. Tripplite is capable of protecting startups, small businesses, medium businesses, or even corporate offices. There is no need for late night panic attacks about your network's protection against surges and power outages.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

The Tripplite UPS is best for lower power server rooms, roughly around 5kW. On that same note, the Tripplite can help you lessen the carbon footprint of your entire office and network with ease. This is helpful because you can begin spending less on power while still being able to comfortably power your entire network. If your company is looking to go green and begin paying attention to the environment then the Tripplite UPS needs to be on your radar immediately. The faster you can implement hardware that works toward a smaller carbon footprint, the better.


While it's easy to go paperless in some offices, it's not so easy to try and limit how much hardware you need to keep your server rooms and office running efficiently. With Tripp Lite you can maintain the same amount of hardware in a much more energy efficient way. 

Backup Network System

The Tripplite series can be used as an on-going safety net for any surprise power outages or surges in power, or it can be used as your ultimate backup system so your network never fails. That's right, you can set it up so that the Tripplite will always provide 24-hour backup for your entire system regardless of what the situation might be. That means surge protection, brownout and black protection as well as battery backup for emergency power. Whatever the case, always be ready for anything with the Tripplite UPS.

Of course, it is entirely up to you on how you use your Tripplite. It is just worth noting how many uses you can find for the device when it comes to your office and that is certainly money well spent for something that can also protect your entire system, no hassle.  


Topics: Power and Protection