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How Does A Tripplite UPS System Protect Your Network?

by John Ciarlone on April 11, 2013

tripplite upsIf you're running a modern 21st Century "wired" business, you probably know that your network has become one of the most important aspects of your infrastructure. Your network links your employees together. It stores all your vital information. It allows collaboration between workers at remote locations. It holds your emails, your voicemails, and often scans of your regular mail. It may even handle your phone calls themselves.

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Data, the raw stuff that transmits throughout your network, is the lifeblood of your organization. It fuels your business, drives your employees, and allows you to react quickly to changes in your industry. Just like how your blood carries the oxygen that drives your physical actions.

We all know what happens to the body when someone has a heart attack. The heart stops, that vital flow of juice ends, and the body dies. It's no different that if a power outage attacks your network.

And it can destroy you almost as quickly.

tripplite ups Tripplite UPS Systems Keep You Going.

One unfortunate consequence of all these expansions in network powers and responsibilities is the increase in power consumption that necessarily goes with it. Current enterprise-grade servers require far more power than older models, and more equipment usually needs to keep running to maintain your network.

Tripplite recognized this in designing their UPS solutions. These Universal Power Supplies are designed to hold far more power, to keep your network running as long as possible while you work to restore primary power. That means:

  • More time for your employees to save their work.

  • More time to contact any necessary repair or health services.

  • More time for vital collaborations to continue.

  • More time for your vital files to be backed up to the Cloud.

  • More time to conclude phone calls without disconnections harming your reputation.

A power outage cutting that data flow can have devastating effects on your company, if it comes at the wrong time. Besides, is there ever a right time for a power outage? Traditional UPS units often can only keep your network going for a few minutes because of its power demands. Tripplite UPS units can keep you going for hours.

Of course, there's more to a power outage than a simple cut in power. There's also the potential for physical damage.

Tripplite UPS Systems Protect Your Systems

When the power to a building is cut or suddenly restored, it often doesn't happen cleanly. A power surge occurs, hitting your systems with a "spike" of electricity with a higher voltage than delicate electronics can handle. While most servers have some fault tolerance, they have their limits. A large enough voltage spike can permanently damage hardware, destroy archived data, or potentially even start electrical fires.

The UPS is designed for physical protection as well. They're built to absorb industrial-grade power spikes, to tripp lite ups system protect industrial-grade equipment. More than that, they can monitor environmental conditions beyond the electrical systems.

Tripplite units can alert you to:

  • Voltage and current issues.

  • Sudden variations in temperature and humidity.

  • Fire or water damage.

  • Security breaches.

  • Battery damage or failure.

Plus, since it's also a part of your network, you can access your UPS remotely as well. If you lose power at a remote location, your best techs can connected to it and speed up the recovery process.

Tripplite Keeps The Data Flowing

Without data constantly streaming through your network, you'll watch your productivity quickly start to fade away. A Tripplite UPS puts your network on life support, keeping your profits alive.

Many of you may still on the same UPS you were using years ago. If so, now would be a fine time to check the power consumption of your network equipment and compare it against the capacity of your current backup power system.

If you don't like what you see, contact us for information on how a Tripplite UPS can keep your business on its feet for longer! 

Topics: Power and Protection