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5 Things You Should Know About Tripplite UPS

by John Ciarlone on June 1, 2013

You probably don't think much about the Universal Power Supply units around your office, but Tripplite UPSthey're a vital piece of protection for your business electronics, especially your computers and servers. A loss of any business's computer network could mean significant costs – you need a UPS unit to ensure that power loss or surge doesn't knock you out.

Tripplite UPS units go well beyond the ones you might be picking up at the local office supply store. They're intended specifically for business users who need assurances beyond what you get in consumer grade models.

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tripplite ups Here are five reasons for why Tripplite provides superior power protection.

Five Ways A Tripplite UPS Goes Further To Protect You

I. Single and Three-Phase Support

As your server room grows, you may find yourself upgrading to equipment that requires three-phase power supplies beyond your standard 220V adapter. Unlike most power supply companies, the Tripplite UPS product line includes a full range of three-phase power protection that's suitable for all but the largest networking environment.

II. Extra Batteries Expand Your Protection

Tripplite systems allow you to add extra backup batteries, giving you additional hours of power to your operating environment. Remember: every additional piece of equipment you add to your office is going to increase the drain on your battery backup. How long would your lights stay on if the power failed right now?

If you aren't sure, or you don't like the answer you get from your server room, TrippLite offers a handy system runtime estimator to help you see what your options are in batteries today.

III. Hospitals Trust Them

If you're in the medical care industry, or in another line of work where lives might truly depend on a continued power supply, Tripplite has a full line of medical-grade backup units, as well as selling close variations on the same hardware to the consumer market as well. People's lives are protected by these UPS systems, so your office should be in good shape as well.

IV. Envirosense Gives You New Eyes And Earstripp lite

As computers get larger and more complex, their housing needs get more precise. High-grade server equipment often needs to be stored under precise conditions, such as in a temperature- and moisture-controlled room. A failure in the climate control, especially a cooling failure, could lead to heat-related damage in a matter of minutes.

Envirosense gives your servers an outside sensor that can continually track the climate inside the room. If it leaves a pre-set range, you get instantly alerted the moment the variation happens – rather than only once hardware has begun to melt.

V. PowerAlert Software Ties It All Together

The Tripplite UPS family is united by a single software suite, PowerAlert, that gives you instant remote access and control over every UPS or PDU in your company. Monitor and track your electrical system from anywhere, with the power to respond to problems as they happen. It connects to the Environsense meters as well, giving them a simple graphic interface.

A TrippLite UPS Keeps Your Company Running

These days, a solid power backup strategy is non-negotiable for most businesses. These days, our computers are too valuable to our businesses to be left unprotected, to chance, or to something that came from the Office Depot scratch-n-dent shelf.

See anything we missed about Tripplite or have any questions about their offerings? Let us know below, we'ld love to hear your thoughts!

Topics: Power and Protection

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