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4 Scenarios You'll Wish You Had A Tripplite UPS For

by John Ciarlone on June 6, 2013

You try to plan for every contingency, but in the modern world, some things are simply out of Tripplite UPSour control. No matter how much we'd like to be totally independent, we still rely on some outside services, such as the power grid. Without electricity, your business goes dark and offline.

The right UPS system can mitigate this somewhat, by providing battery backup protection to a business, as well as protecting sensitive equipment from power surges. We recommend TrippLite UPS systems to our clients because they make the systems that plan ahead for the most scenarios.

No power system can make you 100% secure, but a TrippLite UPS makes you more secure than most.

Short on time? Download our  free guide The Different Types of UPS Systems 

tripplite ups Four Ways A TrippLite UPS Can Protect Your Business

1. A Bad Weather Report

It seems like it's rare for more than a few months to go by without another large storm hitting a major city. When it looks like the lights are going to be out for an extended time, you need every minute of power you can get to keep the lights on. This doesn't just keep the lights on at the moment; it buys you time to establish contingency plans for continuation of your business if the outage outlasts your battery backup.

In you're in an area where extended power outages seem likely, it might be a good time to explore your options in TrippLite UPS battery packs for keeping the power on a few more hours. If you can outlast the outage, you'll be in a prime position while your competition is still trying to catch up.

2. Power System Upgrades

Here's a conundrum: What do you do if you need to upgrade your UPS itself? How do you swap it out without disconnecting the system?

Well, you can't. At least, not without a hot-swappable UPS unit. These feature dual inputs and in some models, the second port is a sidecar which can be detached if needed, making it simple to use it as a bypass while you swap out the actual UPS systems.

If you're going further with your upgrades, to three-phase power, TrippLite can come along with you as well. There's no need to find a new equipment provider, and the same power management software will connect just as well to a deskside UPS as to an industrial-grade three-phase unit.

3. Data Center Disaster

In some ways, this is worse than an outage at your main office: What happens if there's an electrical power surge that takes out your data center? Servers tend to be more easily damaged by power fluctuations. Given the number of regulations regarding data storage, lost data can even mean legal fines!

Further, without access to that data, you're not in much better shape than if your lights were off. Having a UPS in place beforehand means solid protection from any kind of power surges, as well as hours of protection later if the power goes out. You'll have time to remotely access your servers and move your backups before the UPS cuts out.

4. Server Cooling System Failuretripp lite

No company that relies on climate-controlled rooms to keep their servers cool wants to contemplate a cooling failure. Depending on how many machines are packed into a small space, a major problem with the ventilation or heat exchange could lead to hardware damage within minutes due to overheating.

The TrippLite Environsense card monitors the external temperature and humidity around the UPS it's plugged into. This can then alert you the moment the temperature moves past preset guidelines, buying you valuable time to address the problem before heat begins to take its toll.

With years of trying different power protection solutions, we've found that TrippLite's products go above and beyond, with features that most competing solutions lack.

Contact us if you'd like to know more about our TrippLite UPS systems, or any other questions you might have!

Topics: Power and Protection

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