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Why Adtran 7100 Is Your Small Business VoIP Solution

by John Ciarlone on July 16, 2013

adtran 7100Small businesses don't need to try and play catch up when it comes to infrastructure, hardware, and software that can compete with the services that larger, enterprise-level businesses can afford. This is especially true now that the Internet and wireless access has leveled the playing field, allowing for small businesses to have robust and streamlined IT solutions  that can truly take care of all of their needs without the huge price tag usually associated with it. Now that sounds like some true competitiveness, but it doesn't happen unless you know what kind of hardware to invest in.

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adtran phone

Speaking of, one technology in particular is now cost effective and accessible for any and all small businesses. That happens to be VoIP enabled phone systems, which allow for better clarity, wireless connections, and even things like remote conference calls and video conferences. One of the best all-in-one VoIP phone systems happens to be the Adtran 7100, especially when it comes to small businesses looking for quality with the right kind of price. Why should you bother with Adtran?

Benefits of Adtran 7100

Your office, all in one package

The Adtran or Polycom line of phones are perfect for small businesses because of their ease of use. As soon as they're set up and switched on, it is just a matter of pressing a few buttons and being ready to go--if even that, as the pre-installed settings might just be enough for your office. Both the 7100's phone and data management are all inclusive and encompassing that it has become the go-to hardware and VoIP system for small businesses, start-ups, and even medium sized businesses everywhere.

Everything is streamlined to a single box for better data management, allowing for the entire system to easily run roughly around 100 stations as simple as turning on a light switch. There is no extra wires, infrastructure, or hardware that needs to get involved--everything you need is right in this system.

Robust features for any office

Despite the hardware and software being quite easy to understand and install, that doesn't mean features were skimped on for the 7100. It still has all of the features that make it Adtran quality, such as:

  • Power over Ethernet includes 24 ports at 802.3af

  • An IP-router that comes with all of the features any small business needs

  • Wireless access points can be created through the Wi-Fi access controller

  • A simple but robust GUI for easy set-up and management

  • Options for on-hold music, dial by name directories, and paging output

internet service providers list

And that's not the only features to be excited about. On top of those, here are a couple more that should have you convinced about the Adtran 7100's abilities:

  • Quality of Service monitoring that ensures no call is ever interrupted or not heard

  • With the 7100 comes along an unbeatable warranty that is valid for up to five years in North America

  • And finally, perhaps the best feature of them all: you're not required to have phone and voicemail licenses in order to use the Adtran 7100

There are many other features that make it the ultimate choice for any small business, but these happen to be the biggest that should convince any professional they need the system in their office as soon as possible. You don't have to try and finagle a system of older phones and managing your data through newer hardware in order to make things work, you can have it all with the right kind of hardware put in place so that everything is streamlined and up to date. And with such a low, affordable price, why wouldn't you choose the Adtran 7100 for your VoIP system needs? 


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