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Why Should I Purchase The Adtran 908?

by John Ciarlone on May 8, 2013

adtran 908

Gateway routers are a necessity when it comes running a business, especially now that most of the day-to-day when it comes to running a business is done on a computer and online. From the way you interact with your customers and even with your own staff, we have become a connected society through the Internet and that requires having the right
 equipment to get the job done. Yes, this even includes the gateway on top of all the other networking gear you're purchasing for your business.

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But, which company is better to buy from? What line of gateway equipment can your business benefit the most from? Is there actually any difference between gateways from different companies? Well, the most popular name brand for networking gear is, of course, Adtran. They are a competitor with Cisco that has some serious firing power and a very high quality line of gateways, routers, and everything else your business needs to function. In particular, the Adtran 908 might be the best bet for you.

Whether you are a small business or enterprise-level corporation, the 908 has all of the capabilities and features you need (and want).

Here are some of the benefits of the Adtran 908:

  • The Total Access 908 is one of the company's most cost-effective gateways, allowing for businesses to include VoIP services into the package without any extra fees or equipment.

  • Included is a single Ethernet interface for the best data allotment and connectivity, on top of eight analog FXS interfaces for businesses utilizing legacy equipment and DSX-1 PRI/CAS for PBX connectivity.

  • Worries about data loss from network outages and other "what if" scenarios become a thing of the past with a transparent proxy that has survivability features.

  • Included is the Adtran Operating System, or AOS, that helps businesses with tons of features and a very easy to use and simple User Interface.

  • When you need to go into the Command Line Interface, everything is already built to industry standards--no learning new codes or anything on your end.

  • Using softswitches and call agents? No problem, the Adtran 908 is compatible with most that businesses use regularly.


adtran 908e

And there are so many more features included that will help your business save valuable time and money. However, one of the best things that comes with any Adtran device that you purchase is their industry leading warranty. It doesn't matter how large or small your order is, you're obligated to a warranty that promises to help you when you need it most.

The Adtran warranty is backed up and honored for around five years, sometimes even more depending on the package you're selecting. Whatever the case, know that your network equipment is really protected and has a safety net for any problems that may arise and Adtran will help with every step in the process so you're not stuck in legal speak and other warranty gimmicks.

Finally, there is the promise of great customer service, a very high quality product, and the great features and software that Adtran provides without the huge price tag. The Adtran 908 shouldn't have to be considered an expense that could make or break your business, especially if you're a small or medium sized business. You can use the same exact hardware that the big companies like Google are using. There are several different means in which you can purchase an Adtran 908 inexpensively, one of them being the option to buy a refurbished model that is Adtran-approved.

Whatever the case, isn't time you got serious about your networking hardware?

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