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Adtran 908 SIP Gateway Total Cost of Ownership

by John Ciarlone on February 15, 2013

adtran 908 sip gateway When you're investing in new technology for your business, you're going to be looking at more than just the up-front price tag and the feature list. New technology is an investment just like every other upgrade you make to your business, and you need to be assured that investment will be repaid. The TCO (total cost of ownership) of the network equipment you invest in is going to be one of the biggest factors.

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Will it stick around long enough, and give you enough use, to pay for itself AND give you extra benefits in return?

Let's look at the Adtran Total Access 908 SIP Gateways. As one of ADTRAN's most popular gateways, the ADTRAN 908 is used in untold thousands of businesses worldwide.

Can it pay for itself? Will it last long enough to meet your needs? Let's take a look.

adtran netvanta 1531pThe Longevity Of The ADTRAN 908 SIP Gateway

As one of the most popular ADTRAN gateways, the 908, is also among the least expensive. Basic models can be had for well under a thousand dollars, and even the more pricey versions are still quite cheap when compared to similar offerings from other vendors such as Cisco. (Generally speaking, ADTRAN products are literally half the price of most comparable Cisco offerings.)

So that adds value right there.

ADTRAN also offers a warranty which is nearly unprecedented in the industry, supporting their products in North America for a full ten years. In the world of networking, that's practically an eternity. Chances are, by the time your warranty runs out, there will already be new protocols and network types we can't even imagine today clamoring for your attention. I certainly wouldn't want to try to predict what networking in 2023 will look like.

So it's fairly safe to say that the ADTRAN 908 will be around as long as you need it to be, and should a rare equipment failure occur you'll be able to get it replaced. ADTRAN also has very customer-friendly end of life policies that ensure you'll always know if a product you buy one day reaches obsolescence. That still won't stop you from enjoying your warranty for as long as you need it, which will still continue for its ten year course.

When it comes to TCO, that's another area where ADTRAN seeks to add value. One of the biggest expenses involved in buying new equipment doesn't even come from the equipment itself. Real costs can come from the training needed to operate it. All too often, high-end networking products require serious -and expensive- network experts.

ADTRAN's products, including the Total Access 908, are all focused on ease of use. They're all-in-one solutions that, in most cases, can simply be plugged into your existing network with very little configuration needed. Often they can self-configure with just a little help from you.ADTRAN sip gateway

Similarly, the ADTRAN AOS interface is designed for simplicity. Its standard command line interface uses the same commands as most other routers on the market, meaning your admins should need little, if any, extra training. For those not comfortable with a CLI, it also offers a Windows-style graphical interface that steps the user through even the most complex configuration tasks.

ADTRAN SIP Gateways:  Value For Money

So, between the ease of use, extended ten-year warranty, and the already low prices, ADTRAN products become an excellent investment for your company. Purchasing an ADTRAN 908 means knowing you'll have a great gateway that will last you for a decade and, by that time, we'll have moved on to bigger and better things.

In fact, as quickly as technology is progressing, a 908 may literally be 

the last gateway you ever need.



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