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Avaya Phone System: What You Should Know

by John Ciarlone on March 10, 2013

Even small to mid-size businesses need the ultimate phone system solutions to make sure they can successfully Avaya-Phone-Systemprovide the best equipment for their employees to run their business. That means being able to account for VoIP-enabled phone systems, on top of high quality phone systems that can connect on an even deeper level with your customers by providing the best tools and interface for your team--whether they're working in the sales department or happen to be part of a smaller core team.

One of the best solutions that a business looking to keep their budgets low but don't want to sacrifice on quality is the Avaya phone system. There are all sorts of solutions provided by Avaya and their line of business communications, so why not invest in a system for your business?

Traditional & Next Generation Options

The great thing when it comes to a telephone system is that all businesses have options, whether they're more traditional in how they operate or prefer to be a little more progressive with their everyday office equipment. That means you have the option between traditional phones, albeit with digital screens and better clarity, or completely IP-based phones for an office that prefers VoIP.

Regardless of which Avaya phone system you decide to use, both are affordable for any type of business. Also, traditional or completely digital, you have the option of these wonderful features:

  • Extension dialing, external phone numbers per user, and advanced voicemail features come included with Avaya phone systems. Your employees don't have to dial into confusing systems or go through countless menus in order to get to their calls or use their phone.

  • IP-based phones have the ability of highly advanced video and collaborative conferences all through the phone's interface. You don't need to have high proficiency with such technology in order to configure the conference features on the phones, either.

  • Even if your employees are out of the office or telecommute part of the week, they can still access their own phone unit through mobile apps available both on the iPhone and Android devices.

  • Speaking of, this phone system is a "smart" phone in itself, by allowing co-workers to set up the current status of their phone (whether they're away from the desk or available), on top of chat messaging options for inner office conversations.

Be able to mix the old with all of the great features of new technology with the Avaya system, all without phone-systems-21having to pour hours of your valuable time into a manual or handbook. And this is only a select handful of the features you can find included with a Avaya phone system.

Highly Affordable Prices

When it comes to the financials of running a business, sometimes things can get quite frustrating or difficult. Most small to mid-sized businesses already need to cut back on marketing or research and development budgets, but you shouldn't have to cut back when it comes to providing the best phone system and office equipment for your employees.

While having a robust Avaya phone system might sound like something only an enterprise-level company with millions of dollars to spare could only afford, this is very far from the truth. Even smaller businesses can afford such a high quality phone system and be able to have the same edge as those big companies. Businesses looking to really find some serious savings can also look into refurbished or gently used Avaya phones for their office, which still have the same top notch quality (and warranty) as a brand new unit.

The Avaya phone system is a perfect option for small and mid-sized businesses looking to expand their telephone system, and with it, their employee pool and revenue.

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