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What Are Some FAQ About An Adtran Router?

by John Ciarlone on April 13, 2013

adtran routerYou know that the best hardware for your office is going to be the Adtran line of routers, gateways, and other networking products because of their high quality and fast speeds. But, you probably still have some questions when it comes to their usage, their price, and anything else that you might need to convince the rest of your office that Adtran is the way to go.

Instead of searching throughout the Web for the right answers, here's a quick FAQ sheet on everything you need to know about the Adtran router in particular and why your office needs one (or several).

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sdn Frequently Asked Questions About the Adtran Router

Can I order used or refurbished routers?

Yes, if you want to save a few extra bucks on your order, you have the ability to order gently used or completely refurbished routers made by Adtran. This is especially useful for offices that have smaller budgets or ones that are starting out from scratch.

Do they have VoIP capability for our phones?

When you need to access your VoIP telephone systems, on top of your other IP-based networks, the Adtran unit is perfect for the job as it can handle everything without any lag or other complications within the network.

What kind of routers are available to me?

The Adtran line of routers has modular, fixed-port, and multiservice routers for whatever kind of work you need to get done. There are also different lines for all sorts of different businesses out there, whether you happen to be a small business pulling themselves up by their bootstraps or an enterprise-level business that needs a batch order of Adtran routers for their office (or offices).

Is there any security connected to the router?

Never be worried about your information and IP data ever again, especially when you invest in Adtran hardware. All routers, gateways, and everything else that Adtran makes comes with pre-installed software that includes firewalls, data audits, and other security precautions to make sure that you have highly protected data. Don't worry about your breach that could wipe your financial records in the middle of the night--you're safe with Adtran.

What kind of connections are included with the router?

You have multiple options when it comes to connecting online: Ethernet, T1 lines, DS3's, LAN, Broadband and more for whatever kind of connection you need for your office. Most routers come with both Ethernet and T1 lines, normally an 8-port line, with the option for DS3 or different kinds of ADSL Broadband.

What kind of other features are included with the Adtran router?

It depends entirely on what you need! There are several different business class routers offered by Adtran, so it's good to consult with your buyer or checking the Adtran website for a chart of what features you're looking for the most and which line of router offers the most for your money. However, you can be assured that all Adtran routers come with several different adtran netvanta 1531pconnectivity ports, security software, and very simple set-up.

Why should I invest in Adtran and not a competitor?

A very good question with a very good reason: because Adtran has the quality and warranty to back up their claims of being the best in the business. When you decide to go with Adtran, you're making a commitment to have consistently high quality networking capabilities and providing the best service to your office as a whole. And, it can be inexpensive to boot. Why wouldn't you want to go with Adtran with all of those pros backing them up?


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