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ADTRAN NetVanta 3140 Router: Review

by John Ciarlone on February 18, 2015

NetVanta 3140Well, it's been a while since ADTRAN released a new router, but that's not because they've been resting on their laurels.  The Adtran NetVanta 3140 router is an excellent option for growing small-to-midsize businesses because it's fast, easy to use, and amazingly flexible.

Like most ADTRAN products, the Adtran 3140 is designed to have a long lifespan and to be easily re-purposeable as your network grows and changes.  The 3140 incorporates multiple revolutionary features that make it a superior investment for your network.

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 Adtran NetVanta 3140:What Makes It Special

At heart, the 3140 is a fixed-port high-speed enterprise router with three multi-directional auto-detecting Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.  However, the trick is that any given Ethernet port can be configured to be WAN- or LAN-facing.  This gives it unparalleled flexibility in installation and deployment.

The Adtran NetVanta 3140 is well-suited for:

  • Converging voice and data
  • Hosting parallel voice and data networks
  • Functioning as backup/rollover broadband access
  • Hosting carrier-bundled service offerings
  • Primary VoIP or Video conferencing routing
  • WAN expansions with unified security
  • Controlling wireless access points
  • Local LAN expansions
  • Access-level routing

On top of that, it can even function as a true emergency backup unit because its onboard USB port supports 3G/4G tethering.  So it can also serve as your gateway to restoring basic critical services in the case of an ISP level outage.

Moreover, you also have your options of a rackmount unit, or a stylish standalone casing.  Its low power requirements and quiet fan mean it can be deployed next to the workers, or on the top of your rack, and work equally well.

There are truly few other routers in our stock we could more readily recommend for a business that sees growth in its future and wants hardware that can serve in any role that might become necessary.

adtran 3140The ADTRAN Difference

Beyond the flexibility of the basic router, you also get all the advantages of ADTRAN's advanced hardware and software design.  Their equipment is always feature-packed and designed to wear many hats at once.  

On top of the routing capabilities, it also includes a full on-board stateful inspection firewall, Wireless Access Point controller, and the optional Enhanced Feature Pack can add VPN tunneling backed by IPSec 256-bit security.

Yet, these features don't require high-level networking knowledge.  The ADTRAN AOS system software has a great balance of power and ease-of-use, with full functionality available through a simple windowed GUI.  Of course, the traditional Command Line Interface is also an option.

ADTRAN continues to feature some of the best post-sale support in the industry as well, with five-year warranties and truly world-class customer service.  You could also add ADTRAN's own ProServices package, and a range of hosted cloud solutions and always-available technical support.

Adtran Bluesocket

Where's Your Network Going In The Future?

The combination of price, features, ease-of-use, and unparalleled flexibility make the NetVanta 3140 router a great buy for virtually any small-to-medium business, hotel, school, or medical facility that needs a piece of equipment they can rely on for years to come.  

Smart network design requires smart purchase decisions, and by that criteria, the 3140 is easy to recommend.  Few other routers for the SMB market offer so much potential to be so useful throughout your future network evolutions.

Want to learn more, or find out how easy and flexible ADTRAN networks can be?  Contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free network consultation!


Images Courtesy of: http://www.adtran.com/web/page/portal/Adtran/product/1700340F1/8

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