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Adtran NetVanta 1531p Switch: Bring PoE To A Small Business Network

by John Ciarlone on March 24, 2014

When a company invests in networking hardware, it's always important to look towards their future needs. However, this advice is even more true when it comes to a small business looking to implement their first enterprise network. netvanta_1531p

The choices a business makes early on can ultimately have ramifications that extend for years, or even decades, into the future. For example, many companies in the 2000s that set up unplanned ad-hoc networks using off-the-shelf residential hardware are now regretting that decision, as effective upgrades can often mean ripping everything out and restarting from scratch.

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Another obvious example is Power-over-Ethernet. PoE can vastly reduce your cabling requirements and implementation times for years into the future, but only if you have a network built for PoE from the start.

That's why the new ADTRAN NetVanta 1531p switch is such a great choice for small businesses rolling out their first network or for when you just need a few more ports and don't have the budget for a 24 or 48 port switch. It provides nearly everything they need to create a solid foundation for a 21st Century network, from the very beginning.

adtran netvanta 1531pThe Long-Term Benefits Of Power-over-Ethernet

Power-over-Ethernet is exactly what it sounds like: Ethernet cabling that also delivers all the power a device needs to function. PoE switches, routers, phones, and other access methods are becoming increasingly common.

Why is this?

1. Reduced Cabling

The first and most obvious benefit to PoE is a vast reduction in the number of cables that have to be strung everywhere. That's fewer wires equaling lower cabling and deployment costs, which leads us to the next point.

2. Faster Deployments

PoE means fewer cables that have to be laid out around your building, which translates directly to quicker rollouts. Remember: "wireless" access points still need incoming wires, and the costs of dropping more power cabling into your walls or ceilings can be considerable or may not even be possible.

3. Fewer UPS Units

Uninterruptible Power Supplies are a necessity for modern businesses, but these systems are often a very pricey bit of insurance. Worse, more power cables require you to install more UPSes or PDU's to plug into.

PoE can greatly reduce your need for UPS systems, since a single UPS with a PoE switch attached could then power many sub-devices without the need for more power outlets.

Get Your Start In PoE With The NetVanta 1531p Switch

netvanta_1531p_dual_mounting_trayThe 1531p is ADTRAN's latest addition to their popular NetVanta line, which puts enterprise-grade networking performance into small packages suitable for smaller businesses. The 1531p is especially tiny, with a footprint that's only 5x8. Two can fit side-by-side in a standard server rack giving you room to add an additional unit later in the same rack space, giving you 24 ports.

Despite the small size and affordable price, this Layer 3 Light switch still includes 12 ports (ten Ethernet and two optical) along with full Gigabit capacity and PoE support. This is backed up with ADTRAN's own AOS operating system, which allows full management of both your network and the power distribution across your PoE devices.

Smart power management consistently load-balances your devices, as well. ADTRAN Power-over-Ethernet software, specifically, can lead to lower energy costs!

Plan For Success With Your Small Business Network!

All in all, PoE is a great cost-saving measure, and investing it from the beginning will pay off throughout the lifespan of your network. For small businesses just starting out, the NetVanta 1531p is a great way to get into PoE, and you'll see the benefits for years to come!


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