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Why Using a Compatible SFP Over Branded Ones is Best

by John Ciarlone on March 1, 2016

compatible sfp

We're all familiar with the classic "razor blade" model of pricing. Take a part that's absolutely essential for the operation of a piece of equipment, and give it a gigantic markup because anyone with that equipment requires them.

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compatible sfp

But did you know the optical transceivers in your networking hardware follow this model? Hot-swappable SFP transceivers are a mainstay of networking, allowing many different formats to work with the same base units. They're also a part that the large networking companies love to gouge on, with massively inflated prices.

However, there's another option: Hummingbird Networks' own compatible SFP transceivers. Our own transceivers are 100% compatible with Cisco, HP, Brocade, Juniper, and many more brands, while costing far less.

Five Ways Compatible SFP Transceivers Make Plenty Of Sense

1. Price

When we say the name-brand networking companies like to mark up their SFPs, we aren't kidding - it's anywhere from 200% to 1000% or more. For common variations, Hummingbird Networks transceivers cost $50 or less, even though the name brands would be several times that. Even more esoteric and expensive versions are available for far less than the name brand would cost.

Why spend as much on a component as you would a full piece of hardware? It's just wasting money.

2. The Same Factories, The Same Product

Here's one of the really dirty little secrets of optical transceivers: There are only a handful of Tier 1 certified factories in the world producing the equipment, and they service everyone. Whether you buy that transceiver from Cisco or Juniper or ADTRAN or from us, it's probably coming from the exact same place or at least made to the same exact MSA standards...which we will discuss in a moment.

Hummingbird sources our transceivers from the same factories all top name brands use. There's truly no difference besides the name on the casing.

3. 100% MSA Standard-Compliant

There's nothing special about SFP transceivers. Like just about everything else in networking, they're governed by standards which guarantee compatibility. Every Hummingbird Networks transceiver is 100% standards-compliant and guaranteed to work interchangeably with the name-brand equivalent.

All Hummingbird SFPs come with all necessary vendor identification included. Just plug and play, the same as you would with name-brand transceivers.

Cisco Optics

4. Lifetime Warranty

When we say our compatible SFP transceivers are guaranteed, we mean it. Every Hummingbird Networks transceiver comes with a full money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty guaranteeing perfect operation for the life of your network equipment. If a defect does happen to occur, we'll drop-ship a replacement, usually within 24 business hours.

With most name-brand vendors, you're doing well to get a 6-month or even 3-month warranty without paying for extended service. With Hummingbird, there's no extra charge for support.

5. Ready To Ship Immediately

Hummingbird Networks keeps a full line of our transceivers in-stock and ready to ship at a moment's notice. Same-day shipment is even a possibility in many cases, should an emergency occur.

There's no need to source them or wait for manufacturers to fulfill the order. Hummingbird can drop-ship them immediately.

Still Not Convinced That Branded SFPs Aren't Worth It?

We understand the allure of brand-names and the wariness that comes with "generic" parts. Hummingbird Networks is so certain that you'll see no difference whatsoever between our compatible SFP units and the name-brand versions that we'll send you some evaluation units, free of charge. You can test them to your heart's content for 14 days before deciding whether they're worth the price. If you need more time than that, just ask.

To claim your demo units, contact us directly or fill out a quick form here, and see for yourself!

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