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Why We Love NETGEAR M5300 Series Switches (And You Should, Too!)

by John Ciarlone on February 17, 2015

NETGEAR M5300 Series SwitchesWhen you think "business-class network switching" NETGEAR is probably not the first company that comes to mind.  However, NETGEAR is rapidly working to change that!  Despite being best-known as a top-of-line consumer-grade company, they've recently been making serious inroads into the small-to-medium sized business market.

The new line of NETGEAR M5300 switches in the ProSAFE Series are surprisingly good, and offer a lot of value for the money, especially for smaller growing operations.

  Short on Time? Download our guide to Switch Fundamentals 

If you're interested in affordable alternatives to current 10Gigabit networking options, read on for some of the reasons we're so impressed with the M5300 series.

Netgear prosafe Reasons To Consider ProSAFE NETGEAR Switches

1 - Price

It might be an overstatement to call the ProSAFE line "bargain priced," but NETGEAR is one of the lowest-cost providers in networking at the moment.  A company looking to install a quality 10-Gigabit network for a minimum of investment would find few other options with the same combination of speed and quality.  

2 - Virtual Chassis Stacking

NETGEAR has one of the simplest and most flexible solutions for stacking more than one switch, which they call Virtual Chassis.  A couple patch cables and a small reconfiguration in software can merge up to eight ProSAFE switches into a single logical switch utilizing a resilient bidirectional dual-ring topography. Mesh-switching is also an option.

This makes it simple to expand an existing network with a minimum of re-configuration, since they can simply stack as you need more capacity.

The Virtual Chassis system is also very robust, allowing for automatic rollovers in case of a single unit failure, as well as allowing you to add to the stack without any reboot necessary.

3 - Simplified Voice/Data Convergence

The combination of high-speed 10Gigabit switch and simple software make it a superior option for companies moving towards VoIP communications within a unified data system.  The ProSAFE line includes support out of the box for multiple vendor SIP systems, H.323 video transmission standards, and automatic SCCP configuration systems.

Thanks to their experience in consumer gear, NETGEAR understands how to make simple and straightforward interfaces that don't require high-powered talent to utilize.  Virtually anyone with basic Windows skills could successfully manage even an extensive network through their robust Web GUI.

netgear m53004 - Auto iSCSI Optimization 

NETGEAR includes a special focus on iSCSI systems for companies looking to manage their own offsite networked storage.  Their auto-iSCSI systems include most current vendors and can quickly optimize itself around your storage needs.  If data retrieval is a priority, there's probably no simpler brand for creating a solution that fits the bill.

5 - Simple Scalability

What all this adds up to is one of the most future-focused platforms on the market.  NETGEAR is focused on scalability throughout their system design, with smart software optimizations ensuring all connected hardware is utilized to its fullest potential.

A stack of ProSAFE M5300 switches can theoretically provide 384Gbps of backbone, spread across up to 384 virtual gigabit ports.  A meshed system guarantees every switch knows least-time routes between a physical switch as well as connecting devices.

A NETGEAR system allows for high flexibility and easy expansions, without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

Is NETGEAR On Your Radar?

If it's not, add it to the list of potential options.  NETGEAR is a stable, well-respected company and their ProSAFE switches are starting to turn heads in the industry.  The M5300 series is their best yet, and we heartily recommend them for growth-focused business networking.

Want to learn more about business networking?  Contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free consultation! 


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