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IT Tools for Managing a Hybrid Workforce

by Michael on October 19, 2021

hybrid workforce

Shifting to Remote and Hybrid Work Models Due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted businesses and brought a lot of changes to the normal workplace. As the post-pandemic era begins, more companies have allowed their workforce to work remotely. According to Gartner, more than 47% of businesses and employers have adopted the remote working model going forward. Similarly, companies that cannot implement a total remote working model have explored the possibility of using hybrid teams.

A hybrid workforce has both remote and on-site employees. In such cases, employees can choose if they prefer working remotely all through or visit the office some days of the week. That said, several tools come in handy for managers running remote teams. Top IT tools include:

1. Project Management Tools

Project management tools are the most important tools for hybrid and fully remote teams. These tools are used for allocating resources, scheduling, and planning projects amongst your hybrid teams. You can easily allocate tasks, set deadlines, and assess progress using these tools. Employees can also collaborate easily by sharing files, communicating, and more.

Some of the best project management tools to consider include;

Best Project Management Tools

  • Base campcloud security technology
  • Asana
  • Zoho projects
  • Liquid planner
  • Trello

2. Human Resource Software

HR software offer solutions that help managers monitor and optimize their organizations’ human resource duties and HR goals. With these tools, HR managers can spend more time and resources working on productive and profitable tasks. A good HR software should have the following features;

Good HR Software Features

  • Store employee data
  • Time tracking feature
  • Track employee training
  • Evaluate employee satisfaction
  • Set goals and monitor performance

Common HR software 

  • Bitrix 24
  • Gusto

3. Collaboration Tools

Most managers confuse communication tools with video conferencing software. While both tools have very close functionality, video conferencing tools often come in handy when extensive discussions are required. On the other hand, communication tools are used for day-to-day conversations. They allow team members to share files, ideas, and task progress.

Managers can also use communication tools to communicate and boost the morale of their workers by creating fun groups. Widely used communication tools include;

Communication Tools

4. Remote Employee Monitoring SoftwareNew call-to-action

While remote and hybrid working models are beneficial to employers and employees, lack of direct supervision is the biggest drawback of adopting these working models. As such, employers should invest in remote employee monitoring tools to improve supervision. These tools inform team managers about how employees use their work devices during official working hours.

This software gathers information about employee application usage, login history, social media, and internet usage, making it easy for employees to assess individual efficiency and productivity. These tools allow managers to track employee activity and set various rules and policies for their remote teams. That aside, it sends notifications when employees violate your guides.

Common remote employee monitoring tools 

  • Workplus
  • Hubstaff

5. Cloud-Based Tools

Working remotely means that your employees will be working across multiple devices. For instance, they don’t have to bring their laptops every time they are reporting to on-site offices. They might also have to check work emails from their phones or tablets. The best way to facilitate such flexibility safely is using cloud-based tools.

Cloud services allow hybrid workers to access files from multiple devices and locations with ease. For this, consider the following cloud tools;

Cloud Tools


A hybrid workforce is a new reality that businesses and managers should accept. However, being a new concept, it may seem daunting for most employers. Fortunately, several tools are there to ease employee collaboration and monitoring. 

With the best technologies at your disposal, you can adequately protect your work devices and minimize security breaches. Contact Hummingbird Networks for reliable IT and network solutions, including security assessments to keep your networks protected at all times.

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Topics: Remote Work, Networking

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