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HPE Foundation Care vs. Proactive Care vs. Tech Care: A Comparison

by Kyle on November 30, 2021

HPE Foundation Care

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) focuses on providing businesses with the right tools to succeed in an increasingly data-driven world. These innovative solutions allow you to utilize their experience and high-level expertise to benefit from emerging technologies such as AI and 5G networks. HPE’s Foundation Care, Proactive Care, and Tech Care are three essential services that help companies achieve their objectives.

HPE Foundation Care

This service offers extensive software and hardware solutions to optimize your IT infrastructure. The main objective is to help your IT team resolve issues with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and associated third-party resources. For hardware products, it includes on-site repair, as well as remote support and diagnostics.

Depending on eligibility, HPE Foundation Care provides software support for some hardware products. Other than remote technical support for covered software, it offers prompt patches and updates as well. The package also includes updates from the original providers of selected third-party applications. 

The HPE Foundation Care has three well-defined service levels:

1. HPE Foundation Care NBD Service

The next business day (NBD) offers services during typical business days, nineNew call-to-action hours daily. Support is available from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm local time, Mondays to Fridays, except on HPE-recognized holidays. This service level guarantees a next-day on-site response for all cases received within the coverage window.

2. HPE Foundation Care 24x7 Service

This service level is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, including HPE holidays. It provides an on-site response window of four hours for covered hardware.

3. HPE Foundation Care CTR Service

The availability of the call-to-repair (CTR) service is similar to that of the 24x7 option. It offers a return-to-operation period of six hours for severe hardware incidents. However, this response depends on your proximity to an HPE-recognized support center. For less critical incidents, HPE support staff can offer an ideal response schedule.

Examples of additional HPE Foundation Care hardware support features are periodic maintenance and replacement parts. Software support features include installation advisory, escalation management, and access to HPE technical resources.

HPE Proactive Care

This solution consists of integrated services to improve the stability, management, and efficiency of converged infrastructure. HPE Proactive Care provides enhanced support for a combination of hardware and software needs in the modern business environment. They include servers, networks, operating systems, storage area networks, and hypervisors.

In case of an incident, HPE reduces the impact on your operations by providing advanced technical specialists. These dedicated professionals help you solve emergencies rapidly by handling the situation from start to finish. They also have the relevant tools and automation technologies to minimize downtime and increase overall productivity. The service features include:

HPE support resources:

You’ll have unrestricted access to an HPE-certified Technical Account Manager (TAM) and Technical Solution Specialist (TSS) to address your concerns.

Problem prevention:

This feature makes practical recommendations about installed software and firmware. It also sends proactive scan and incident reports to the relevant HPE support hub for further analysis.

Incident management:

HPE support staff offer advanced call handling, New call-to-actionautomatic call logging, essential software support, replacement parts, a knowledge base, and firmware updates subject to eligibility.

Service levels:

There are three levels of hardware support: NBD proactive care, four-hour 24/7 service, and six-hour CTR proactive care. The four levels of software support range from providing licenses and updates to round-the-clock support.

Optional services:

You may opt for additional technical expertise, such as defective media retention.

HPE's proactive care service offers various benefits to your company. They include quick resolution, practical firmware recommendations, and early risk identification through regular device scans.

HPE Tech Care

HPE’s Pointnext Tech Care is more comprehensive than other technical support services. It helps your IT team improve organizational efficiency by providing direct interaction with product-specific specialists. The service structure covers:

General features

This service offers one-on-one access to experts via chats, phone, and forum support. Others are general guidance, predictive alerts, automated incident logs, a knowledge library, and outage management.

Hardware features

Other than remote diagnosis and on-site support, HPE offers periodic maintenance for eligible products. Some services require connectivity via HPE’s proprietary service tools.

Software features

HPE tech care gives clients the appropriate licenses to access software updates. Examples of associated services are installation advisory, operational, and documentation support services.

Optional features include preventive maintenance, hardware exchange services, and defective media retention. HPE offers three service levels: Basic, essential, and critical. All of them have 24/7 virtual self-service capability and incident logging. Supported devices also have access to automated incident submission and InfoSight analytics.


At Hummingbird Networks, we provide advanced solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our skills and experience in IT allow us to give comprehensive software and hardware services. Our status as certified HP Enterprise vendors is evidence of this proficiency. It means we can help accelerate your digital transformation efficiently within schedule. Contact us today for more details.

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