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Introducing HP Enterprise and Aruba Networks

by Jason Blalock on September 12, 2018

hpe and aruba networks Hummingbird Networks is expanding again!  We consistently look to add top-quality brands to our lineup, so we can always offer our customers the most choices in building great networks that suit their needs.  Today, we're pleased to announce the addition of two new brands and product lines: HP Enterprise and Aruba Networks.

HPE Introducing HP Enterprise

HP has been making big strides into the realm of high-end networking in recent years, with products that are extremely functional while being quite price-competitive. 

In fact, while many don't know it, HP was actually one of the leaders in developing software-defined networking strategies in the mid-2000s.  They were one of the companies that collaborated on the Open Flow standard, as well as other technologies which are critical to modern SDN systems.  This gives them a leg up in their enterprise offerings, with a deep understanding of the software side of networking that's necessary to get the most from any pieces of hardware.

While HP's excellent servers are the centerpiece of their networking lineup, they manufacture and sell virtually any form of enterprise-grade computer component you might want: monitors, wireless access points, switches, memory, NICs, even high-end graphics cards suitable for render farms or mining operations.

In short, whatever your corporate HQ needs to make its network rock, HP can provide it.

Aruba networkingIntroducing Aruba Networking

Aruba is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HP, positioned as their networking product line for high-end consumers and SMBs.   Aruba products are focused almost entirely on networking: switches, network controllers, WAPs, and related accessories.

Aruba's big claim to fame are their Instant Access Points, or IAPs.  These are enterprise-grade WAPs which are exceedingly quick and easy to set up, auto-configuring with no need for a controller.  They're a great choice for situations where you need to be able to set up a working WiFi network in a hurry, without having to wade through lengthy setup processes.

Of course, Aruba and HPE hardware is entirely cross-compatible.  For many businesses, a mixture of Aruba and HPE might make the most sense.  HPE at the corporate HQ and other top-priority locations, while filling in the gaps with high-quality but less expensive Aruba products.

Taken together, these two brands are an excellent addition to the Hummingbird family of products, and we're looking forward to leveraging their potential in our network designs going forward!

Build A Future-Focused Network With Hummingbird

We specialize in creating networks which are ready to stand the test of time, built with future needs in mind and with an eye towards easy expandability.  If you're feeling like your current network is too constricting, and you want something that you can rely on for years to come, contact Hummingbird Networks today for a full consultation!

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