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How To: Convince Upper Management to Reinvest in Guest Wi-Fi

by Jason Blalock on April 13, 2018

guest wi-fi

IT admins and CTOs face numerous challenges on a day-to-day basis, but in some organizations, one of the biggest challenges can be convincing internal decision-makers that technology upgrades are necessary. Tech advances at incredible speeds, faster than many in upper management may realize. This can lead to uncomfortable questions like, 'Why do we need to spend more money on Wi-Fi when we just upgraded a few years ago?' 

What they need help understanding is just how vital strong guest Wi-Fi service has become to modern business. It is a bottom-line issue, and failing to upgrade results in many disadvantages, ranging from unhappy customers to data breeches.

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It will be up to you to decide the best arguments for your business\industry, but in our experience, these tend to be the most convincing points.

Four Arguments for Re-Investment in Customer-Facing Wi-Fi

1 - Customers expect strong Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi isn't a bonus any more, it's considered a must-have by most customers and buyers who expect to use their devices.  Among various studies conducted, 79% of businesses say that Wi-Fi keeps customers happy. Specifically focusing on the hospitality industry, about two-thirds of hotel visitors prefer free Wi-Fi to free breakfast.

Yes, customers literally want Wi-Fi more than they want free food.  And increasingly, those customers will preferentially seek out locations with free Wi-Fi while avoiding those without it.  There are even websites cataloging Wi-Fi speeds at hotels, specifically to help customers select those with strong Wi-Fi.

2 - Infrastructure needs periodic upgrades

Imagine if a hotel neglected to change bed sheets in the same way some establishments fail to replace their older network hardware.  How long would they last?  Customer-facing amenities simply need to be replaced periodically for a business to maintain their public image, and present themselves as up-to-date.

Businesses which allow themselves to be known for neglecting themselves are usually on a downwards trajectory.

3 - Protect yourself against intrusion

Remember the "Krack attack" from last year, which compromised WPA and WPA2 authentication?  It hasn't gone away. Hackers love to target older and un-patched hardware, so as long as you have WPA devices in your building, they can be vulnerable to intrusion.

Fortunately, WPA3 is on its way.  It will substantially improve Wi-Fi authentication security, and will be needed to have Wi-Fi hardware that's genuinely trustworthy.  Rollout is expected by the end of the year.

4 - Wi-Fi is monetizable 

A fast, robust Wi-Fi infrastructure is NOT a money hole.  On the contrary, it offers plenty of ways to monetize your Internet service!  These include:

  • Charging extra for higher tiers of access 
  • Direct-ordering from a custom landing page
  • Sales-sharing partnerships with nearby businesses
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Customer tracking\data-gathering for improved service

An investment in Wi-Fi won't just pay for itself. It can be a profit-driver, if you're creative with implementation.

Wi-Fi Infrastructure Upgrades Simply Make Sense

Strong Wi-Fi brings in more customers, cuts costs, improves productivity, and even offers new monetization opportunities. With these points you can make a winning argument that Wi-Fi upgrades are an investment rather than expense.

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Topics: Hospitality Solutions, Wireless