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Adtran ProCloud Wi-Fi: Benefits Explained

by John Ciarlone on November 6, 2013

Since its founding, ADTRAN has been a leader in finding ways to bring advanced procloudtelecommunications systems to smaller businesses, ones that previously only large businesses could afford. Through a combination of clever engineering, great customer service, and one of the most user-friendly network interfaces on the market, they've largely succeeded.

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However, they've just announced something new: ADTRAN ProCloud. It is a managed business-class Internet and WiFi service, making ADTRAN the first vendor to bundle both the equipment and the bandwidth together in a single package. What this means is that businesses today now have a true one-stop turnkey solution for their modern telecommunications needs.

From ordering, to installation, to ongoing service, ADTRAN can provide everything a business needs to compete on a global stage.

So, what do you get with ADTRAN Pro Cloud? Here's the rundown.

ADTRAN ProCloud: Hosted Internet Services With Pedigree

A hosted wi-fi service like Pro Cloud is far more than just an evolved ISP. The reason it's so attractive to businesses is that ADTRAN would be taking care of all their network Wi-Fi management. Cloud-based services make it simple for ADTRAN's service experts to control your network remotely, monitoring and adjusting it without being on-site.

You'll get guaranteed four-nines uptime: 99.99%, by contract. Should any service interruption occur, ADTRAN will know within moments and will be working on it immediately. If there's a hardware failure, ADTRAN offers 24x7 emergency services and will usually have someone on-site within 4 hours, fixing the problem.

Network and WiFi access is monitored as well, with a system designed to flag any authorized or questionable access attempts, and immediately notify you of any irregularities.

Of course, that's just talking about the rare occasion that something might go wrong. 99.99+% of the time, you will simply enjoy high-speed, always-on business-class Internet service that's built upon ADTRAN's trailblazing BlueSocket WiFi technologies. As the easiest-to-use WiFi access points on the market, you'll have a network that's both simpler to access and more secure as well.

Plus, even in the most boring of months, you'll receive a full and detailed monthly report covering all your WiFi usage, as well as any actions ADTRAN has taken.

As time goes on, hardware and software updates will be handled by ADTRAN as well, or by
licensed on-site agents. Most software upgrades are handled remotely, and will happen without you even knowing about it.

convention center wi-fi

In effect, with ProCloud you're getting all the benefits of a huge IT department staffed by experts, without paying the huge wages network experts often demand. Your own IT department will mostly just be there for internal support for your employees, as well as the occasional easy hardware replacement.

There's also nothing tying you to ADTRAN any longer than you want to be. Since their software and hardware is substantially easier to use than most options on the market, you're free to discontinue the service and migrate towards in-house support at any time. ADTRAN will even help with the migration, to ensure the changeover happens smoothly.

Pain-Free Network Upgrades Are Easier Than You Might Realize

We spend a lot of time trying to get the word out that anyone can now get the same sorts of unified communications systems that only large businesses could afford a few years ago. This new package of services from ADTRAN just underscores that point – ADTRAN has removed the need for on-site expertise, making business-class Internet service even easier for growing businesses.

This combination of 99.99% uptime, great support, and painless upgrades makes ProCloud an easy choice for businesses that need unified communications now.

To learn more about ProCloud, or any of ADTRAN's other ProServices, just let us know what your business needs and we'll show you how easy modern networking can be.


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