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Adtran ProCloud Wi-Fi Equals Worry Free Managed Wi-Fi

by John Ciarlone on October 30, 2013

When we're talking to clients about upgrading their network systems away from wires and Adtran ProCloudtowards a purely WiFi-based service, it's understandable that they might have some hesitation about making such a major shift.

While an Internet-based virtualized environment is ultimately easier to manage than an old wired network, while providing far more business opportunities, there is still a learning curve involved.

ADTRAN is aware of this, and that's why they've created their ProServices line of turnkey solutions aimed at making this transition as simple as possible. Now, plenty of other networking companies offer installation help and ongoing support, but ADTRAN has added a new wrinkle to the mix that's totally unique: ProCloud.

With the ProCloud service, ADTRAN offers fully managed business-class WiFi and communications services, making them the go-to source for a company looking to upgrade to a 21st Century telecommunications system with as little pain as possible.

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sdn ProCloud Makes Modern Networking Simple

With this service, what you get is a managed WiFi service, based on ADTRAN's own award-winning BlueSocket platform. Rather than hiring a third party to provide your business-class wifi network, you get the exact same experts who created and installed your networking equipment in the first place, meaning you get unparalleled compatibility and reliability.

Reliability is, after all, a bedrock requirement for a modern telecommunications system. ADTRAN guarantees actual “four nines” always-on access: 99.99% uptime, guaranteed by contract. This is backed by ADTRAN's industry-leading technical support and service, and you'll get monthly reports demonstrating their effectiveness..

Moreover, ADTRAN becomes the IT department you probably wish you had. Their systems and technicians will be monitoring your WiFi service 24/7, sending alerts should any problems arise within minutes of being noticed. Issues such as possible security intrusions will be seen and dealt with rapidly, as part of the service. Software patches are installed for you as well, saving you from having to keep up with updates.

Hardware replacements and upgrades are handled by ADTRAN as well, as your company grows and your network grows alongside it.

Pro Cloud also gives you the freedom to grow your business as you see fit. At any time, if you wish to bring your operations in-house, ADTRAN will be ready to assist you with the shift to ensure complete continuity of service. Unlike many third-party hosted WiFi solutions, nothing ties you to ADTRAN's services. You can walk away whenever it becomes necessary to do so.adtran procloud

However, we don't think too many businesses will take that option. Once a business experiences the freedom from having to worry about in-house technical support, they usually find that their own employees' time is better spent focusing on core business matters, and not esoteric networking challenges.

It's a true worry-free solution, allowing your business to focus on what this new technology can do for you, rather than worrying about the details of hardware and software

ADTRAN Pro Cloud Brings The Future To You

As Triple-Crown elite ADTRAN partners, we're excited to be part of the ProCloud system, because we see the opportunities it presents to small businesses. There's no reason a small business today cannot enjoy the same standardized WiFi access and telecommunications options as the larger firms, and these systems are becoming increasingly necessary as virtualization and unified communications continue to take over the business world.

So, if you've been interested in seeing what the online future holds for your company, but you've felt that the technology itself was a barrier to entry, just contact us and let us know what your firm needs!

The future is here, and through ADTRAN ProCloud, it's easy for anyone to grab hold of.

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