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What Are The Most Reliable Types Of Network Equipment?

by John Ciarlone on June 18, 2013

Reliability is of utter importance when it comes to your network and your networking Adtran 3120equipment. Even if 100% uptime is impossible, four-nines is still what you want to shoot for, at least. Today's growing small or medium business simply can't afford to be working with a network they can't trust. It's become vital for doing business in the online world.

While there are plenty of high-class networking companies in the field, the one that first comes to mind for quality and reliability at affordable prices is ADTRAN. In the last ten years, they've been making a big name for themselves in the industry, and it's not hard to see why.

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adtran netvanta 1531pADTRAN NetVanta: Network Equipment Created With Your Business In Mind

ADTRAN was founded on the idea of bringing big business network equipment to smaller firms. The company was created when a group of Cisco employees all quit out of disagreement over Cisco's direction at the time. Cisco had always demanded a high price for what had generally been high-quality equipment, but their reputation had been slipping and there was a growing market for quality small-business networking.

So, ADTRAN was formed to address that need.

Today, ADTRAN produces equipment which consistently performs at par with comparable Cisco equipment, at times outperforming them... except at roughly half the price. With an outstanding industry reputation, at this point they seem to be ably fulfilling their goal of affordable high-quality networking.

Reliability Extends To Simplicity

The best system in the world may be useless if no one knows how to operate or maintain it. Part of reliability is knowing that in the rare case that something does go wrong, you'll have the tools at your disposal that you need to fix it.

Since ADTRAN focuses on smaller firms, they have created interfaces that are tailored for your needs. Ease of use is a major goal here. For example, ADTRAN's BlueSocket line of WiFi stations are entirely plug-and-play when brought into a network already using the ADTRAN Operating System. Turn them on, and within moments they're alive and broadcasting, having pulled all their configuration out of the system.

adtran bluesocket

The AOS interface allows you to link all their network equipment - as well as your legacy equipment - into a single virtualized system that brings control of everything to a single console. It supports the industry-standard command line interface for networks if you have experienced admins, as well as having a simple and powerful windowed command center application for everyone else.

With AOS, everything is streamlined. Through virtualization, deployments that might have taken days or weeks can now be performed in hours. The same security policies are automatically deployed across all connected devices. Your office, or even a worldwide series of offices, could have their operating systems upgraded remotely, in unison, and often without the users even noticing.

There's time and money saved, both in the initial installation as well as with any future upgrades. Moreover, it brings peace of mind that future networking challenges will be easy to meet.

Network Equipment You Can Rely On For Years

This is why we recommend ADTRAN NetVanta to small businesses looking to upgrade their networking and embrace virtualization. Their products are best-in-class, reliable, easy to use, and offered at a price that's affordable for a growing business. When combined with ADTRAN's industry-leading warranties, which often cover products up to ten years, it's easy to recommend them.

If you had to pick one networking company to recommend for small businesses, which would it be?


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