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The ADTRAN Netvanta 3430: The Router To Buy

by John Ciarlone on April 1, 2013

adtran 3430

Small-to-medium sized businesses looking to leverage 21st century communications should carefully consider their options when they look to upgrade their networks, you should be looking for the best phone system for small business. The practicality of building local networks ad hoc, adding components piece by piece as they're needed, is quickly waning. While that was how everyone was forced to do it throughout the 1990s and 2000s, things have finally begun to move towards consolidation.

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Adtran Bluesocket

ADTRAN NetVanta has been one of the recent leaders in creating new solutions for networking that are aimed at the folks actually using it: everyday businesses who can't afford to employ expensive Unix gurus. More and more businesses, even smaller outfits, can now leverage the power of the Internet and global technologies to compete. (After all, they have to!) They need networking equipment that empowers them to take full advantage of the Internet, but is still usable by laymen.

The ADTRAN Netvanta 3430, along with the entire Netvanta line, is precisely the gateway such businesses – and perhaps yours as well – can use to smoothly transition to current-day communications.

The ADTRAN Netvanta 3430 Connects You On a Global Scale

To compete in today's online global bazaar, your networking needs to have three things:

  1. Virtualization: 

    • Last-century businesses are still stuck in giant office buildings, locked away from the bustle outdoors – a bustle that's on fast-forward when dealing with Internet Time! The budding globally-focused businesses of tomorrow understand that they can distribute their resources far more efficiently online.

    • A virtualized network and database system takes much of the burden off a single server and distributes it across the entire network. Data searches and shared-access applications run far more swiftly, no longer constrained by a single bottleneck of a server. This, in turn, boosts productivity and saves you money on your power bill.

    • The ADTRAN Netvanta 3430 opens up virtualization to any growing business looking to explore how it can help them keep up with the pace being set by the “big boys” who've already been using these systems for years.

  2. Standardization: 

    • Among the largest benefits you'll see from virtualization is the ability to spread out your workforce. Why force workers to drive into work (costing them money and adding to our impending fossil fuel crisis) when they could do their jobs just as effectively from home? A virtualized network effectively erases any distinction between “home” and “office,” as far as the network is concerned. Database connections are instantaneous, and video-conferencing is easily implemented.

    • At the same time, those who do enter the office want to be able to use their own devices – their laptops, smartphones, tablets, among other gizmos. Can your
       current network handle everything from a Blackberry to an iPad? Virtualization can create a single standardized interface, with the 3430 at the center, ensuring everyone can work using whatever device they need.

    • data security
  3. Centralization:

    • All this openness and freedom, of course, does make security an ever-growing concern. Even as virtualization allows your workforce to spread across your city -or across the globe- you need to protect them, as well as your network at large. The ADTRAN 3430 supports the AOS operating system, which allows for single-console access and control over your entire network, no matter how widely distributed.

    • Unified communications also allow for central management of security, allowing for across-the-grid standardization of a single overarching vision for your security policy. Plus, this console can be accessed from any device, anywhere, that's capable of accessing your network.

Unite Your Spreading Network With The ADTRAN Netvanta 3430

Standardization is sometimes a scary word in businesses, but unification of your network is a necessary step in embracing 21st century communications. The Netvanta line provides a user-friendly unified path for effective distributed networking today. 

If you're ready to explore the potential of modern virtualized networks, contact us and learn how the ADTRAN or the AOS family of products can expand your networking!


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