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How Can I Get The Best Wireless Internet?

by John Ciarlone on April 22, 2013

best wireless internetA major staple that any office needs these days is, of course, the best and fastest connectivity speeds when it comes to their wireless Internet. In fact, all offices need very reliable and high quality wireless networking hardware in order to stay in business these days, let alone being able to have wireless access that isn't going out all the time or obstructing the everyday work flow. Instead of tirelessly looking for better options while also trying to save money, take a look at these solutions for better, faster, inexpensive and high quality Wi-Fi access for your business.

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Adtran BluesocketTips to Get the Best Wireless Internet 

Use Compatible Networking Hardware

First things first, it is time to get rid of that mentality that you need to have all of the latest and greatest Wifi network hardware from a major label or brand. Contrary to popular belief, your entire system--including simple Wi-Fi equipment like a router or modem--doesn't have to be thousands upon thousands of dollars and proprietary. Instead, you can get compatible hardware that doesn't need a major label in order to sell, and will still have the same high quality of any competitors. Not only that, but the compatible hardware is just that: compatible with practically anything you install or set-up.

This will help ensure the life span of your Wi-Fi hardware, be much more inexpensive both in the short and long term, and you don't have to sacrifice on quality. And, not only that, but you will have an industry-leading warranty to back all of that up.

Monitoring The System Regularly

While technology is automated for the most part, it does need to be monitored. You know this and probably do monthly check-ups, but sometimes that might not be enough. Your hardware is equipped with the power to be monitored regularly, allowing for any troubleshooting to be much easier. This means you should also keep track of information transfer rates and other things connected to your wireless Internet daily.

Not only does it help with watching spikes and low speeds in your connectivity, but it can also help determine if the Wi-Fi hardware you're using is just simply getting old and might need to be replaced. Usually, this is the biggest reason why wireless Internet starts to lag behind. So, keep an eye out on your system as much as possible--you'll be thankful in the future!Meraki AP

Actually Using That Warranty

There is normally more attached to a warranty than just having certain parts on your hardware replaced or fixed. It can also include technical support, troubleshooting, and even advice on the best connectivity for your Internet. While some major manufacturers might force you to pay for such services, there are solutions out there which offer technical support and other warranty support for completely free. You don't need to feel like calling the experts is a chore added on the To-Do List. It should be a means of getting the answers you need, right when you need them.

Data Management, Robust System

Finally, all systems need to have a robust data management system to make sure that your information is both protected as well as being transferred and received in the best capacity possible. This usually means using optical transceivers, switches, and the right kind of firewalls or routers that are compatible and allow for data protection. When your information is safe, the performance is going to be much better in the office overall.

Contacts us to setup the best wirless network for your business. 

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