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Automate WiFi Settings with Meraki Systems Manager

by Jason Blalock on March 17, 2016

Meraki systems manager

Meraki Networks have begun taking the business world by storm, for plenty of reasons.  This Cisco-owned venture is revolutionary in how it handles a mesh-networked cloud-based system, creating unified networks which are robust, self-healing, and extremely simple to set up and operate. 

Unlike the reputation garnered by most Cisco products as being difficult to operate without specific technical expertise, Meraki has been designed from the ground up to be minimally intrusive in all possible areas.  Nothing beyond basic computer skills and some reading comprehension is needed to successfully set up and maintain a Meraki network, while still guaranteeing a high level of security.  

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Meraki Switch

A great example of this is how the Meraki Systems Manager (which is part of the Meraki Dashboard administration system) can quickly automate WiFi configuration.  It can be a one-and-done solution which greatly simplifies both ongoing administration and the problems involved with connecting to a secure Meraki WiFi network.


How The Meraki Systems Manager Makes WiFi Connectivity Easy

We've probably all had to deal with complicated secure WiFi setups in the past, which require us to follow a page-long guide to set up our devices with the proper SSID, encryption type, security settings, password, and so forth.  This makes getting a new device onto a WiFi network a real pain, especially with customer-facing networks they'll want to connect to quickly.

But the Meraki Systems Manager changes all this.  Within the MSS, it's simple for administrators to create a package of security information which is delivered as a "payload" to each user's device, auto-populating the configuration with your necessary security settings.

This makes connecting a new device to a Meraki WiFi network as simple for users as connecting to an unsecured network, but with full security implemented.

In fact, in some ways this enhances security because -among other things- the password for the WiFi can be delivered as part of the payload for approved devices.  After all, humans are almost always the weakest link in password security.  If they never actually know the password, it's impossible for them to write down.  A potential data-thief would have to obtain their device and crack the user's own account to be able to break into the network.

And the MSS makes it simple to create a list of approved/managed devices which are automatically allowed onto the network, while keeping everyone else out.  


Meraki AP

Through the use of tags this can be micro-managed further, according to a wide range of conditions such as time of day, device type, user ID, or physical location.  A single series of drop-down menus within the Meraki Systems Manager allow the admin to quickly configure exactly who is and is not allowed onto the system, under what circumstances, and with which security privileges.  This can become as detailed as contextually restricting access to specific apps, such as automatically blocking Facebook for employees while allowing it for customers/guests.  

These settings are then stored in the Meraki cloud system and globally applied to every Meraki WiFi access point on your network, regardless of the network size or geography.  

Meraki:  Speed, Power, And Simplicity

Meraki truly is a game-changer in the field of networking.  No other solution on the market offers their combination of cutting-edge hardware, state-of-the-art security, AND easy administration.  Meraki creates networks that just work, both from the admin and user perspectives, with a minimum of hassle or ongoing maintenance.

Hummingbird Networks is a fully-certified and authorized Cisco partner for all Cisco and Meraki products.  Contact us today to learn about new options in networking and how they can enhance your productivity.

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