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Aruba Instant vs. Aruba Instant On

by Michael on March 12, 2020

ts-aruba-instant-on-access-points-for-small-businessesAruba Networks has unveiled the Aruba Instant and Aruba Instant On Wi-Fi networks, in a bid to provide fast and flawless connectivity to your devices and applications. Businesses have been forced to compromise choosing between feature-rich and costly high-end wireless LAN equipment and cheap, consumer-grade Wi-Fi gear with minimal functionality.

Aruba Instant and Aruba Instant On deliver seamless and secure high-speed wireless connectivity for both indoor and outdoor use. The two Wi-Fi networks are hassle-free to manage and set up as they are designed for ease of use and set up. Here’s a look at the comparison between the two Wi-Fi devices to help you make a better and informed choice.

     1. Ease of Use

New call-to-actionAruba Instant can be deployed within minutes, as it requires minimal IT assistance due to its SmartSetup functionality. The Wi-Fi is managed centrally through the Aruba AirWave web-based interface that enables you to utilize autonomous WLANs at many sites. Besides, the Wi-Fi equipment doesn’t require any trade-off between ease of use, feature richness, and affordability.

Aruba Instant On, on the other hand, can be controlled via the Aruba Instant On mobile app that allows you to monitor and configure your network from any location. The immediate management access functionality that the Aruba Instant On offers is pretty helpful, as it allows you to monitor your Wi-Fi network in real-time.

     2. Security

Aruba Instant supports over-the-air authentication and encryption by using pre-shaped keys that use an external and internal RADIUS server as well as WPA2 authorization. Its integrated firewall inspects traffic of each user session and either allows or denies the traffic before it traverses the wireless and wired network. Besides, the Wi-Fi network has a wireless intrusion protection system that protects your network from rogue and unauthorized clients and APs.

Aruba Instant On uses the HPE Trusted Platform Module chipset on all its AP hardware to ensure that no one impersonates or disables them and compromises on its access points. The cloud-based Wi-Fi network also uses the SSL and TLS encryption that ensures its APs establish secure connections that are safe and secure. The Aruba Instant On firewall blocks all unsolicited and unwanted traffic to prevent malicious hackers from accessing your business’s sensitive data.

     3. Performance

Aruba Instant networking solution combines high-end enterprise WLAN capabilities with the simplicity and affordability of the standalone entry-level Wi-Fi equipment. The device uses a simple over-the-air provisioning and an intuitive user interface that enables you to deploy the network with multiple New call-to-actionAPs within minutes, without compromising on ease of use and enterprise-grade security. Aruba Instant offers impressive scalability and can be installed in single or multiple remote locations.

Aruba Instant On automatically prioritizes Wi-Fi voice applications that enable you to have a great experience on video chats and conference calls. Besides, the Wi-Fi network allows you to set bandwidth limits to restrict the usage of video streaming and prevent unwanted traffic from flooding into your network. Aruba Instant On allows you to control when guests or employees can use your network, thus, preventing people from using your Wi-Fi outside the official business hours.

     4. Wireless Excellence

Aruba Instant has an Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) signature feature that automatically manages 5-GHz and 2.4-GHz WLAN’s radio bands that enables you to mitigate the RF interference and Wi-Fi client performance. The ARM feature makes sure that each AP uses optimal transmit power and channel for its RF environment. Besides, the feature offers priority channel load-balancing, traffic handling, airtime fairness, quality-of-service (QoS), and priority traffic handling controls, to ensure fair distribution of Wi-Fi bandwidth.

Aruba Instant On is an ideal easy to manage Wi-Fi network that is built for spaces that requires seamless outdoor or indoor coverage and access, to provide a smooth in-room Wi-Fi experience. The cost effective and easy to manage Wi-Fi network supports Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and security demands of today’s commercial environment.

When everything is said and done, your choice between Aruba Instant and Aruba Instant On depends on your business’s needs, size, and preferences. However, Aruba Instant Wi-Fi network is built for large enterprises while Aruba Instant On is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

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