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An Overview Of Linksys SMB Networking

by Jason Blalock on June 29, 2017


As the market for networking devices aimed at small-to-medium sized businesses grows, we're seeing an increasing number of hardware manufacturers jumping into the ring - including brands previously only known for their consumer-grade hardware.  Linksys is the latest brand to make this leap, and we're now carrying a full selection of their SMB networking hardware here at Hummingbird Networks.

Overall, they have a very solid lineup of everything a growing SMB might need to support their network.   They don't have hardware suitable for large-scale operations, but they could be an excellent choice for a smaller enterprise - particularly if you're already familiar with their home networking line. 

Let's take a look...

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Introducing:  Linksys SMB Networking Systems

They have their bases covered with a number of different products to fill different roles, at price points which are quite competitive - especially for budget-conscious startups and small businesses.linksys

I.  Switches

Their switch line offers a surprisingly robust variety of switches, broken up into two types:  Smart and Managed.  

Linksys Smart Switches are the low-budget option, intended for use in networks with 100 users or less. Their biggest advantage is that they require minimal configuration or oversight.  With a simple web-based GUI, they can be quickly set up, and then effectively become a "fire and forget" option.  You have options for 8, 18, or 28 ports - and they all support Gigabit speeds.

Linksys Managed Switches are significantly more robust than their smart switches, featuring support for both Layer 2 and Layer 3 Lite switching protocols.  There are 28- and 52-port options, making them excellent for larger-scale office level deployments, and with optional PoE+ power support for your Internet appliances.  The 52-port models also include SFP+ 10-gigabit uplink ports, to keep speeds high even under full loads.

II.  WiFi Access Points

WiFi was always a strong point in Linksys consumer hardware, so it's no surprise that SMB WiFi Access Points are also well-made and robust.  All their APs support 802.11ac standards for high throughput, with either 2x2 or 4x4 antenna arrays.  Their top-line model is fully 802.11ac ave 2 compliant, with MU-MIMO capabilities.  

These would be particularly good buys for food, service, hospitality, and other businesses looking for an easy solution to providing WiFi access to guests and customers.  They make it simple to set up guest networks and captive login portals, so they can be easily utilized -or even monetized- in a customer-facing capacity.

III.  VPN Routers

Possibly the most interesting products in this lineup, their VPN Routers are designed with the knowledge that even small businesses today may be decentralized or spend time on the road.  These affordable little boxes are a great way to connect to your office network via hotels, trade shows, POS kiosks, and other outside networks, without sacrificing security.  

With up to 50 VPN connections at a time, and multiple gigabit Ethernet ports for connections, they're an excellent option for remote access.  If needed, there's also a dual-WAN model with multiple uplinks and automatic seamless failover capabilities.

Your SMB Hardware Options Just Keep Growing

Overall, this is another brand stepping up to fill the need or quality networking hardware that's affordable and easy to use for SMBs.  The days that SMBs have to "settle" for second-rate hardware are quickly disappearing.  Today, you can outfit even startups with high-quality equipment at surprisingly low prices!

To learn more about the the SMB product line, or set up a consultation to design a network that meets your needs, just contact Hummingbird Networks!

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