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A Peak At The New ADTRAN 1748F

by Jason Blalock on November 1, 2016

adtran 1748fFor years, we've referred to ADTRAN as being a brand for SMBs, but ADTRAN is looking to change that with their latest switch offering.

The new ADTRAN 1748F is aimed squarely at large high-end operations with extensive data needs, vastly exceeding the capabilities of their previous top-line model, the NetVanta 1544F.  The 1748F is a Top of Rack aggregation switch that is designed for data centers, large-scale global businesses, major universities or hospitals, and other groups in need of the most bandwidth possible for their operations.

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The 1748F is an exciting addition to the ADTRAN lineup, and indicates the brand is serious about expanding their reach beyond the SMB realm.  Let's take a look.

A Peak At The New ADTRAN 1748F

What makes this ADTRAN switch different?  QSFP+ ports.  The 1748F is the first ADTRAN product to support 40/10Gbps fiber connections, with four QSFP+ ports to handle a stunning amount of data - up to 1.28Tbps in bidirectional throughput!   

This is spread across forty eight downstream SFP+ 10/1Gb ports, allowing for plenty of high-speed connections.  For greater individual bandwidth, up to four 10Gb ports can be linked into a single physical port for 40Gb downstream connections.  This gives it exceptional abilities to handle the needs of large-scale operations in need of serious bandwidth.

By comparison, the old NetVanta 1544F only went up to 68Gbps of throughput, utilizing twenty four 1Gbps SFP+ ports and four enhanced 2.5Gbps ports.  This makes the 1748F a major update of their product line.

Unlike many other ADTRAN switches, the 1748F can only be managed via command-line, making it a product for experienced admins only.  However, it offers plenty of options in connecting and configuring the device, including two RJ-45 ports, a USB connector, and multiple local\remote connection options such as Telnet, HTTP, and FTP.  Field servicing is also made easy, thanks to redundant and hot-swappable power units and fans, which eliminates needless downtime for minor repairs.

Plus, there is the usual collection of security and authentication processes to keep it safe.  It features onboard Denial-of-Service prevention, as well as a MAC-based authentication and SSL/SSH protections.  RADIUS and TACACS+ systems use Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) processes for further security.

ADTRAN Now Means Big Business

As one of the more affordable options in high-speed link aggregation and top-rack solutions, the ADTRAN 1748F represents a major milestone in the progress of ADTRAN as a network vendor.  In a relatively short time, they've come to be a major player on the market, and this indicates that they're serious about continuing their growth across all sectors of networking.

And for businesses which invested in ADTRAN early on and have "grown up" standardized on the brand, this switch may be exactly what they need to keep that momentum going without the cost and hassle of re-standardizing on a different brand.

Is your operation getting to the point that high-speed Terabit aggregation is on the horizon?  Contact Hummingbird Networks today for a full briefing on the 1748F and a future-focused consultation on how it could improve your operational efficiency!

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