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3 Reasons Why You Should Use HP J4858C Compatible SFPs

by John Ciarlone on March 22, 2016


As more companies move towards fiber optic networking, one question we commonly hear is "Will we be able to use our existing equipment with the new wiring?"

In most cases, the answer to this is yes! If you're using HP networking equipment with SFP/SFP+ ports, you can simply buy some plug-and-play transceivers which change the network connectors to match your new firber runs.

Short on time? Download our free guide to HP Compatible Transceivers

The one issue is that many vendors charge too much for their transceivers, assuming companies will simply pay without doing their homework. But if you're in need of 1000Base-SX transceivers for your HP hardware, you can buy Hummingbird Networks' own brand of fully HP-compatible transceivers and get a lot more value, for a lot less money.

compatible sfp

Three Reasons To Turn To Hummingbird For Your HP J4858C SFPs

1 - Perfect Compatibility

One thing a lot of people don't realize about optical networking equipment is that there are only a handful of factories in the world which are certified to produce it. Everyone selling top-grade SFP transceivers is getting them from the same few vendors. And Hummingbird uses them too.

Hummingbird's HP-compatible J4858C 1000Base-SX transceivers are fully MSA-compliant, so they adhere to all relevant standards for optical equipment. They also come pre-loaded with the compatible coding on the EPROM chip so that your HP hardware will recognize it as soon as it's plugged in.

Your network can't tell the difference, and you won't tell the difference, because the only difference is the name on the casing.

2 - Unmatched Support

With most name-brand SFP transceivers, you get a minimal warranty. Usually it's a year at most, and often as low as 90 days. Despite how much you pay for transceivers from the major vendors, they simply don't offer much support to go with it.

But Hummingbird fully guarantees our HP compatible SFP. You get a true lifetime warranty, with parts replacement if needed, as well as unlimited technical assistance should you need any help. This greatly enhances the value of a product that's already a great value, and makes certain your transceivers continue to function properly for the life of your network.

3 - Instant Shipment

Unlike many other vendors, Hummingbird Networks keeps a full stock of our transceivers in-house and ready to ship. There's no extensive ordering process, or the need to wait days -or weeks- for the parts to be sourced and shipped. In many cases, we can ship them to you same day.

Even if you're not looking to buy transceivers today, just keep that in mind. If there's ever an emergency, or a mistake when ordering new hardware, just contact us and we'll get you the transceivers you need ASAP.

But The Best Reason Is... Huge SavingsHP Compatible SFP

Despite the prices charged for HP's own J4858C transceivers, they truly do not cost much to produce. They're priced according to the razor blade model, assuming that people with HP hardware are going to naturally buy HP SFPs as well.

Hummingbird's own HP-compatible transceivers cost roughly one-tenth of the MSRP of HP's official transceivers. Even on sale from discount outlets, you'll still pay far more for the official version... but you won't actually get a better product, and you'll definitely get a worse warranty.

Whether you need 1000Base-SX ports or any other HP-compatible transceivers, Hummingbird Networks can fill your order rapidly, and for far less.

If you're in the market, contact Hummingbird Networks and ask about our evaluation units, part number J4858C-HN. In most cases, we'll even let you try out the transceivers for up to two weeks, just to demonstrate that they truly will meet your need.

Topics: Optical Transceivers