Preventing lost revenue due to WiFi downtime

WiFi outages cost enterprises an estimated $700 billion a year. If you're company's WiFi were to go down what would that inhibit you from doing?
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WiFi is required to improve business efficiency

71% or more of all mobile communications flow over WiFi networks.  Reliable WiFi allows your teams to be more productive, streamline customer communication, and business processes to run smoother. What else can it do for your business? 



Reducing customer and user frustration

Nothing will send your customer's flying away faster than slow and unreliable WiFi. How many opportunities have you missed due to bad WiFi? 
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Planning ahead for future technological shifts

It's no secret technology advancements are reshaping the way we do business. Can your existing WiFi network handle the changes today? 

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What is a Wireless Assessment?

Many don't realize it, but there is a true science to laying out a proper WiFi network that creates full coverage without over-investment in hardware. Planning is a key step that is often overlooked.  There are many factors throughout a facility or campus which will affect the strength and distribution of WiFi signals, ranging from the types of antennas being used, to the materials in walls and doors, to even structural elements such as the placement of water-carrying pipes.  

Too few WiFi access points, placed haphazardly without regard for the local environment, will result in "dead zones" that lack coverage.  Over-compensating by placing too many access points doesn’t solve the problem either.  Likewise, good WiFi implementation requires awareness of the radio frequency (R/F) profile of an area, what wireless devices are in use and on which channels.

In all cases, lack of proper planning usually results in significant and needless extra expenses.

What can it do for you

With a wireless network assessment, conducted by the experts at Hummingbird Networks, you can purchase your WiFi access points knowing you're getting the perfect number to cover your organization without over-spending on hardware.  You can feel confident that your WiFi network will be accurately planned, capable of delivering the speed and reliability that both your staff and guests expect.

What can you expect

When you bring in Hummingbird Networks to handle your WiFi network implementation, it starts with a custom assessment of your facilities.  You'll receive a complete report on your facilities and the unique challenges they may present along with a complete plan of action for creating an optimized WiFi network.

This includes:

  • Understanding your business operational needs
  • Predictive and/or on-site surveys of your physical structures with notes on aspects which will inhibit radio transmission
  • Passive and active radio spectrum surveys of your facility during a typical workday, accounting for sources of potential R/F interference
  • Plans for frequency and channel selections which will avoid dropped connections and eliminate R/F interference.
  • Creating a detailed site map correlating these findings, and marking optimal locations for WiFi access points where they will have minimized interference. 
  • Suggestions for hardware investments, such as areas where directional and/or high-gain antennas could "punch through" environmental interference.
  • Cost quotes on materials and installation costs, if requested.

Why choose Hummingbird Networks

A Hummingbird WiFi network assessment means there is no guesswork involved.  You get an exact description of your facilities, and suggested access point layout, geared to create an optimal WiFi environment. With Hummingbird Networks as your WiFi partner, you'll see:

  • Reliable coverage throughout your facility.
  • Higher productivity from on-the-move workers who need reliable WiFi roaming.
  • Lower costs on initial hardware investments.
  • Improved IT efficiency with less hardware to manage.
  • Optimized budgeting which leaves more money for other infrastructure investments.
  • Happier customers and visitors using your network.
Create a Perfect WiFi Network For Your Needs Today

The experts at Hummingbird Networks are standing by and waiting to help you create a cost-effective and optimized WiFi network for your business.  Contact us today to begin the process of creating your own personalized wireless network assessment. 


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