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Yealink Phone Systems: Simplifying the Boardroom

by Jason Blalock on July 20, 2017

yealinkWe've been rapidly expanding our brand offerings here at Hummingbird Networks, particularly in the area of telecommunications.  More businesses are looking to invest into VoIP and videoconferencing systems than ever before, and we want to make sure we have a full range of options to make it happen!

One of our newest offerings is a line of phones and video systems from Yealink.  You might not have heard of them; they're a Chinese brand which has been making rapid inroads in other countries.  In fact, in terms of units installed, they're the #2 phone brand in the world.  Plus, they're extremely affordable.

Short on Time? Download our Free Guide: Evaluating the Total Cost of VoIP  Phones 

All in all, they make a surprisingly strong argument for an investment in their systems, with relatively few drawbacks.

yealink A Look At Yealink Communications Systems

There are full lines of cordless desk phones, VoIP phones, conference phones, and videoconferencing systems.  

In fact, the star of their lineup is almost undoubtedly their videoconferencing options.  They have full 1080p video systems which are simultaneously among the cheapest on the market and extremely simple to deploy.  Simply put, Yealink has significantly lowered the price barrier on video systems to the point they're affordable for a much wider range of businesses.  If you've wanted videoconferencing but haven't been able to justify a five-figure spend, this system provides a very solid alternative.

Along the same lines, they also offer video-enabled desk phones that are also surprisingly affordable!  These can work standalone, or in conjunction with their larger videoconferencing systems.

When it comes to the standard Yealink phones, they have some very interesting features that make them a good option in a lot of situations.  They clearly recognize that a lot of desk phones are pretty generic, and are trying to counter that with user-friendly features.  In particular:

  • They are intensely standards-focused.  Interoperability is one of their biggest selling points, so all their telephony equipment utilizes widely-held standards for interfaces and attachments.  In theory, these phones can be dropped into virtually any existing UC setup and work with minimal extra configuration.  It's always best to check with your provider or phone system manufacturer to be sure first.
  • Prioritizes battery life in their cordless phones.  Their talk time starts at 10 hours, and can go up to 30+ on some models.
  • Most Yealink phones and conferencing systems include built-in call recording options, directly to USB thumbdrive, at no extra charge.
  • Their top-of-the-line executive desk phones aren't so much "phones with a screen" as they are "tablets with a phone."  These run on Android with full app support, opening up great opportunities for multitasking and customized usage.

Additionally, these phone systems require no additional licensing or service contracts of any kind.  All features are enabled right out of the box.  So whether a business is looking to deploy their low-end models across an entire office, or just installing some top-line equipment in the executive boardroom, the costs are kept to a true minimum.

Are there any downsides?  Mostly, it's that they rarely excel in any single area.  There are other phones available -at significantly higher prices- with hardier build quality, or better sound, or more software-specific features.  However, in terms of pure bang-for-buck, it would be very hard to beat the investment.  Unless there are very specific features you need from other phone brands, these phones are quite functional, reliable and provide truly excellent value for money.

Hummingbird Networks Can Make Your New Communications System Happen

We carry a huge range of telecommunications equipment, and can custom-design a solution that meets your needs and your budget.  Contact us today for a free consultation on your telecommunication desires, and we can tell you how it can happen.

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