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Understanding the Basics of Sophos' XG Licensing Model

by Jason Blalock on June 15, 2018

Understanding Sophos Licensing

We get a lot of questions about Sophos’ XG licensing models. With so many features and package options, it can be difficult to decipher what is best for your business. We hope this break down will assist you as you consider which Sophos security products your network needs.

Understanding the Basics of Sophos Licensing

Before reading this blog, it is important to note three distinct things about Sophos licensing:

1. The terms "software subscription" and "license" are used interchangeably by Sophos and this blog.

2. The Base Firewall license (to be explained further) is included in hardware/virtual appliance purchases and does not need to be renewed. 

3. Software subscriptions can be purchased individually or within bundles. Bundles offer money-saving advantages. These subscriptions must be renewed. If they are left to expire, the base firewall license will still keep the equipment activated, but features will be limited to what is offered by the base license. 

I. Á la carte

Sophos gives customers the option of picking which features they need or choosing from bundles. The individual software subscriptions available are:

  • Base Firewall: A base firewall license is included in the initial purchase of hardware or virtual appliances. It includes a network firewall, SSL and IPSec VPN, and wireless protection. Please note that IPSec client licenses do not need to be renewed, but they are sold separately. 
  • Network Protection: Multi-layer protection monitors incoming and outgoing activity and ensures that only authorized users have access to the network.Sophos Mobile Free Trial
  • Web Protection: This feature allows the Sophos XG Firewall to conduct browsing-based security, which minimizes interaction with malevolent websites.
  • Email Protection: Phishing and other malicious emails are blocked before even getting to employees’ emails that are on and offline. Artificial intelligence allows Sophos Email sandboxing to detect known and unknown malware.  
  • Web Server Protection: This feature allows businesses that host their own websites to dodge attacks, protect data and meet compliance standards.
  • Sandstorm Protection: Sandstorm blocks threats posed by ransomware and more by sending them to a cloud-sandbox to be opened and observed safely and away from the company's network. The program also provides detailed reports on every threat.
  • Standard Support: This level of support is included in every purchase. Customers will have access to support during business hours for the first 90 days after a purchase, software feature updates and upgrades are included for 90 days and the warranty and RMA will be available for one year with the option to return or replace. 
  • Enhanced Support: This support package is included in every bundle. It offers 24/7 support via phone or email, software feature updates and upgrades for active subscriptions, and warranty and RMA for up to five years with the option for advance exchange. Enhanced Support can be upgraded to the following option. 
  • Enhanced Support Plus: This support level includes everything the previous support option includes, plus several hours of remote consulting support per year, direct access to high-level VIP technical advisers and priority case and sample handling. It also offers VIP access to support 24/7. 

II. Guard Bundles

Sophos offers four Guard packages. These only include software, and, therefore, are purchased for license upgrades or renewals. No hardware is included.  The Guard bundle choices are:

a. EnterpriseGuard
This package includes network protection, web protection and enhanced support. This is a great option for smaller "enterprises" or those that need minimal asset protection.

b. EnterpriseGuard Plus
This variation offers the same features of the basic EnterpriseGuard bundle, with the addition of Sandstorm.

c. FullGuard

Network protection, web protection, email protection, web server protection, and enhanced support make up the FullGuard package. This option is ideal for larger businesses or those maintaining their own online web or cloud servers.

d. FullGuard Plus 

This variation offers the same features of the basic FullGuard bundle, with the addition of Sandstorm.  This is the best protection.

XG Subscription Model

III.  Protect Bundles

Sophos offers four Protect bundles that include both hardware and software. This is the perfect way to order when you are buying a new firewall. You will notice that the Guard options are "included" in the Protect bundles. Remember, when you purchase just a Guard bundle, hardware or virtual appliances are not included. However, they are essentially "combined" with Protect bundles to provide both the license and the hardware/virtual appliance. 

a. EnterpriseProtect =  XG Hardware or Virtual Appliance + Base license + EnterpriseGuard          
Reminder: Enterprise Guard = Network Protection + Web Protection + Enhanced Support

b. EnterpriseProtect Plus: XG Hardware or Virtual Appliance + Base license + EnterpriseGuard + Sandstorm

c. TotalProtect:  XG Hardware or Virtual Appliance + Base license + FullGuard
Reminder: FullGuard = Network Protection + Web Protection + Email Protection + Web Server Protection + Enhanced Support

d. TotalProtect Plus:  XG Hardware or Virtual Appliance + Base license + FullGuard + Sandstorm

Sophos XG Firewall Licensing Model

Graphic adapted from Sophos

Still not sure which package is right for you?

As a Sophos Platinum Partner, Hummingbird Networks' account managers are trained in Sophos' licensing models and they are happy to help! Contact us today.

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