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Three Signs It's Time to Replace Your UPS

by Jason Blalock on March 8, 2018

When to replace UPS units


Uninterruptible Power Supply

One of the most critical pieces of hardware in any modern computing environment is the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). UPSs protect computers and other equipment from power surges and guarantee power in the event of an outage. During a UPS’s lifetime, the need for occasional repairs and battery replacements can be expected; otherwise, this hardware is designed to last for at least 6 years, depending on environment and care.

The question remains, at what point is it better to replace UPS systems, rather than just repair them again? Here are a few factors to consider when faced with the question of fixing or replacing your UPS.

ups system

Three Signs It's Time To Replace Your UPS

1 - It's been more than 6 years.

UPS units are generally built for the long haul, and aren't usually affected by "planned obsolescence," aside from the reality of UPS batteries having a pretty short lifespan.  However, like any piece of electronics, they will wear out over the years. Environmental factors, such as dust, heat and moisture can also affect their longevity.

In our experience, ten years is a good point to say, "OK, it's time for a new UPS." Your UPS could potentially still have 3 years or more in it, but do you want to take that chance? It’s best to replace a UPS before you NEED to. Waiting until your system absolutely needs a new UPS leaves you little time to research options and can cause unnecessary risk to data and software.

2 - Energy saving potential

Newer UPS units - particularly those manufactured in the 2010s and newer - are significantly less power-hungry than older units. They're better at retaining charges without constantly "topping off" the charge, and require less direct draw to recharge the battery after it's been discharged.  

A changeover to modern UPS systems can make some cuts to your power bill. Depending on just how old or inefficient your old UPS was, it might even qualify as a "green" upgrade.

3 - Plugs and ports

One of the biggest additions made to UPS units in the last decade is USB ports alongside the main electrical ports. Some even include one or more Ethernet ports to protect hardware utilizing Power-over-Ethernet. With more equipment pulling its power from sources aside from traditional mains, older UPS systems may not have the support a modern office needs.

Need A New UPS?  Hummingbird Networks Does Trade-Ups!

We want to make it as easy as possible for businesses of all sizes to build and maintain their network over the years.  We offer trade-ins and trade-ups for many types of hardware, including UPS units - up to 30% off the cost of a new UPS.  To learn more about our trade-up program, just contact us!

Trade up your UPS with Hummingbird for up to 30% off you next APC UPS

Topics: Power and Protection, Networking

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