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Simplifying Security: Sophos Review

by Jason Blalock on May 18, 2017

sophos review

If it seems like we talk about security a lot here at Hummingbird Networks, it's simply because we believe it to be one of the most important and pressing issues facing modern IT.  This is particularly true when so many security threats are viral in nature, and a single compromised company can go on to compromise many others.  As we like to say, systems security is everybody's business, because everybody wins when security threats are reduced.

This is why we're so happy to be adding the full line of Sophos XG-series hardware firewalls to the Hummingbird product lineup.  Sophos are the world's leaders in dedicated security systems, with capabilities that go well beyond even the most comprehensive security built into hardware like access points.  

There's no magic bullet to protect your business from all security threats, but Sophos may be the next best thing.

Short on time? Download our guide to network security and PCI compliance for  tips on how to keep your network secure



Sophos Review:  Protecting Businesses Of All Sizes

Sophos XG-series firewalls are among the most advanced on the market, sporting a range of features and options that go above and beyond compared to other solutions you can consider.  They're specifically designed to work well with any existing network architecture or brands, and are easy to integrate into your existing network.

Further, Sophos is not exclusively a high-end vendor.  They now feature a full range of products which are suitable for businesses of virtually any size, from their standalone entry-level XG-85 and XG-105 models to high-powered 2RU models like the XG-650 which are intended for large enterprises or campuses.  

Their standalone units, intended for SMBs, also include variations with built-in WiFi access points so you can have highly secure WiFi access with a single hardware purchase.  That could be a wise investment if you're planning to offer free WiFi access that will see a lot of unregulated usage, such as in a cafe or campus.

The Sophos Hardware Advantage

Another way Sophos stands out is by taking its hardware seriously.  Many users are reticent to install hardware firewalls because they can create bottlenecks to network performance.  Sophos utilizes the best possible hardware specifically to get around this.

Every Sophos security appliance utilizes genuine Intel multi-core processors and solid state internal drives, while offering superior throughput, to minimize any drag on your network.  This extends to all areas the firewall touches, including Ethernet connections, WiFi, VPN, and antivirus scanning.  

Sophos keeps you safe without slowing you down.

Constant Innovations In Software Features

Sophos offers a range of on-board features and protections which are truly unmatched in the industry.  They also utilize a modular approach to their firewall systems, allowing users to select which features they need without purchasing systems that would go unused.  Nearly all Sophos models (aside from the low-cost XG-85) can support any and all of their advanced security models, just depending on your needs.

Some of the protections you can choose from include:

  • Advanced web protection:  Sophos monitors the reputation\reports of websites your employees are visiting, warning if sites perceivesophos d to be unsafe are accessed.  Further, they integrate "Level 8" user-focused protections, including warnings about unsafe browsing behavior.
  • Sandstorm:  Sophos offers the most advanced anti-malware/anti-crypo solution on the market with Sandstorm.  Sandstorm is a cloud-based virtualized sandbox environment which the system can send any questionable files to for experimentation.  Running them in a safe environment allows Sophos to determine if they're safe for your core systems, as well as sharing information gained throughout the Sophos system to improve their threat detection.
  • Web server protections:  Keep your own homepage safe with a software firewall designed specifically to protect your webserver.  It includes plenty of smart protections against common attack vectors can could compromise your site.
  • Security Heartbeat:  If you utilize cloud systems with many endpoints, Security Heartbeat creates links between them and monitors traffic throughout the system.  Sophos is perfecting synchronized security.

Additionally, Sophos has two software products which are purchased separately but integrate into your Sophos hardware for particularly high-end protection:

  • Central Endpoint Advanced:  This module provides true end-to-end oversight of your network, from the rack all the way down to individual IP appliances or cloud-based endpoints.  There's no more robust solution for network-wide "big picture" security and oversight.
  • Intercept X:  This product is, without a doubt, the most powerful guard against ransomware and other cryptographic attacks which is available.  In some cases, it can even detect crypto attacks in progress and decrypt the affected files before they're finalized and lost forever.  Now that's awesome.

Take Your Network Security Further With Sophos

This is really just scratching the surface of everything Sophos has to offer.  No other brand is so well-established in systems security, and a single firewall could add immeasurably to your overall level of protection.

Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about the benefits of Sophos, or their cost-saving feature bundle offers.

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