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MX65 Meraki Firewall Review

by Jason Blalock on March 11, 2016

Meraki MX65

Designed primarily for smaller businesses which may be investing in their first hardware security appliance, the MX65 Meraki Firewall is an affordable unit that provides serious high-end security options.

After all, as we've learned from far too many high-profile attacks in the last year, no one is truly safe from cybercrime these days. Sure, the headline attacks are on major entities like Sony, but there are a lot of scams aimed at smaller operations as well, such as the "Ransomware" epidemic. The only way for a business to keep its data safe is with robust proactive defense measures.

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Meraki Switch

That brings us to the Meraki Firewall. This new Meraki Firewall is an upgrade over the Meraki MX64, and adds a couple important new features. While not a required part of a Meraki network, we would strongly urge anyone investing in Meraki to consider adding a firewall to their hardware profile.

Meraki MX65 Review: Affordable Wired Security For Anyone

The MX65 is at the cost effective end of the Meraki firewall, and is generally only suitable for under 50 user office setups or branch-level deployment. It could also be used very effectively for remote or short-term installations, such as at trade shows or Point-of-Sale kiosks.

The unit itself has a stateful inspection firewall capable of scanning 250Mbps of data at once. It also adds VPN support, allowing up to 25 remote connections, protected with 128-bit IPSec security systems.

The MX65 features an expanded port lineup compared to the older MX64. It features a total of twelve Gigabit-speed ports. Two are specifically for WAN connections, with the rest pointed downstream, and two of those feature PoE+ power. While it's not exactly intended as a switch, a particularly small office -could use it as an all-in-one entry point to Meraki networking, complete with power for their VoIP phones.

On the security side, besides the firewall itself, it features auto-VPN configuration, Active Directory integration, and MAC- or IP-based identity security policies. Users who buy the Advanced Security license -which is highly recommended- receive a wide range of new features, including built-in content filtering, intrusion detection\prevention systems, and a full suite of anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Plus, like all other software in Meraki products, it automatically keeps all its security definitions up-to-date. There's never any fear of having an outdated virus\malware database. They're downloaded instantly upon release.


For users with an emphasis on WiFi, you might also investigate the MX65W, which is effectively the same, but with an 802.11ac WiFi AP built in.

Meraki: High-End Networking For Everyone

Meraki is committed to having a lineup of products suitable for businesses of every possible size, backed by a mesh-based cloud networking system with effectively unlimited scalability. From one-man offices to global operations, Meraki has hardware to meet your needs.

For smaller operations, the Meraki firewall is a nearly-essential addition to your network install. The risks from security breaches or cyber-attacks are too great, and this little firewall is too affordable, for it to be worth the risk.

To learn more about Meraki networking options, or schedule a free trial, contact Hummingbird Networks today.

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