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What To Look for In The Best Wireless Access Points

by John Ciarlone on July 26, 2013

When creating the ultimate short list of requirements for the absolute best wireless access best Wireless Access Pointspoints, there are a few key checkpoints that any technology department should be aware of. While it is imperative to find the best when it comes to wireless access points because of possible name brand or cost, here are a couple other things to keep note of when shopping for hardware.

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Meraki AP In-Depth Security

This is an age where data has the potential to be easily stolen via wireless access points from third parties, allowing for that data to be exploited and then used to either steal identities or other stressful issues for you. Sensitive information being transferred over a wireless network can be secured to the point where it is entirely safe, but it means knowing what type of hardware provides this type of security. When it comes to pre-installed security that ensures each part of the data sharing and transfer has some form of firewall or pre-installed security, Adtran and Meraki make some of the best wireless access points.

Very Easy Deployment

Nothing is more frustrating than having to deploy hardware that is difficult or near impossible to do so without having long amounts of down time or other networking complications. While it may seem like every aspect of networking hardware seems difficult and incompatible with one another, there are exceptions to this that businesses can easily utilize. Easy deployment should be a top priority for any business because you want to have your hardware up and running as fast possible for the best efficiency.

Inexpensive Or Simple Licensing

Yet another issue many technology departments run into is the frustrations of licensing. Sometimes it can disrupt the entire system because of limits to the licenses, or the budget might not account for such a steep price. This is why it is important to find wireless access points that have inexpensive licensing or no licenses at all to worry about. Instead of being locked into something that only means more headaches and money, be able to have the ability to decide what you do with your hardware.

Affordable Controller Costs

There is no need to justify a controller cost of thousands of dollars when there are alternatives out there for only hundreds of dollars or even no controller cost at all. While it may seem impossible considering the varying costs, it is doable for a smaller business looking to cut back on their technology spending or even for a larger business looking to save money on company related costs. The best wireless access points on the market doesn't automatically equal a huge price tag, it just means they have superior quality and can still be cost effective.

Availability of Guest Accessaccess points for business

In order to have better security and organization of wireless access points, you need to be able to have easy guest access that is available throughout the office. Not only that, but you need the ability to control the types of data being shared over a guest access as well as its true availability to those using it. Some access points aren't going to have such in-depth features while others are, and this is why you need to pay extra attention to the features of hardware you're thinking of investing in.

So, what are your options when it comes to finding all of these features and many more? Adtran was mentioned earlier, but in particular the Adtran Bluesocket is the best for both small and large businesses. With no controller cost, virtualized controls that are easy to understand, and powerful vWLAN capability, why wouldn't you invest in the Bluesocket line of wireless access points?   


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