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The Simple Truth About VoIP Providers

by John Ciarlone on July 3, 2013

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to the methodologies, technologies, communication protocols and pros and cons of voip transmission techniques, which are in use in delivery of multimedia and voice communications over the Internet Protocol networks. There are different VoIP providers who make sure that you can easily access and use their services to communicate over the internet.

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meraki communicationsOver the recent years, many people have been wondering about the truth behind these providers. As a result, so many misconceptions as well as myths are misleading many people who are trying to make use of VoIP. This leads to people making the wrong decisions, as they do not understand the providers. It is for this reason that you need this information of truth.

Types of VoIP Service Providers

There are different types of providers that you can choose to use. These are such as:

  • Device-based providers: These have no monthly bills. All you need to do is to buy a device that you can use on your phone system allowing you to make free calls.

  • Software-based providers: These are the most common and undergo more virtualization in the world.They use a phone-emulating software application that you can use on a computer for receiving and placing calls. Some of these providers are usually web-based and you can access their service from the web interface. A good example of such a provider is Skype.

  • Mobile VoIP providers: These are for use in mobile phones as many people are making use of mobile phones as business communication tools.

  • Residential VoIP providers: This is for use mainly at homes and in small businesses where there is replacement of the traditional phone system with VoIP enabled phone system. Businesses are able to save large amounts of money and benefit greatly from the numerous features of VoIP communication.

Pros and Cons of VoIP Service Providers

To allow you have a clear understanding of the providers, here are some of the factual truths.

  • Most calls to VoIP phones are at a very low charge

The IP of your phone will not keep you from calling other types of devices, that is, mobile phones, landlines or satellite. The service providers provide you with offers that range from unlimited calls for flat monthly rates to scheduled and metered charges for International calls.

  • Have firewalls, encryption and security policies that reduce risk of intrusion

The providers make sure to have firewalls to ensure that their networks are secure. This reduces attacks from hackers. It is therefore not true to say that VoIP is not secure. This ensures that your business has secure communication networks. Providers make sure their VoIP services have Virtual Private Networking and firewalls.

  • They are reliable

voip providers VoIP services are reliable and have good IP telephony features. However, with a cable connection or DSL traffic congestion can happen can happen. At the same time, power outages happen. The providers enhance the quality of the calls and prevent problems as well as prioritize voice traffic.

  • They merge data and voice applications

Use of VoIP merges the data and voice applications. This is both convenient and cost saving. The data and voice convergence allows the setting up of a central phone number and the use of geographical routing to direct calls appropriately.

  • VoIP providers upgrade every now and then

It is important for providers to upgrade their services to keep pace with the growing and developing IP telephony market. This ensures they provide improved services with the upgrades, which will need you to make changes. However, these upgrades need not be expensive for you, as you need to get reliable suppliers for firmware and revised versions of software.

Remember, the VoIP providers are in business too and they need to make profits. However, this does not mean they are exploiting you. The overall truth is that they are providing these services with your interests in mind for better IP telephony. 

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