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Adtran NetVanta Switches: What You're Missing Out On

by John Ciarlone on June 4, 2013

Someone who hasn't followed data networking might have missed it, but there have been big changes to the field of business telecommunications in the past decade. Ten years ago, Cisco equipment ADTRAN  Switcheswas the safe choice for a business that was serious about its network. Some would argue it was the only choice.

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However, after some management missteps, questionable acquisitions, and a lack of focus on the future of networking, and high pricing, Cisco lost its luster. While they're still doing quite well today, thanks to their focus on high-end business and their general brand recognition, the market opened up and a number of competitors arose.

Of these, ADTRAN has impressed us the most. Born in the late 90s partially from disgruntled Cisco employees who disliked the direction of the company, ADTRAN has a singular focus: To take network technologies previously only available to huge enterprises and make them available at affordable costs to everyday businesses.

So, if you're a Cisco user who's not sure if it's worth staying, or you're still using off-the-shelf units from Best Buy like D-Link or Netgear and hoping for a more unified solution, read on to hear a little more about what you're missing out on if you aren't looking at ADTRAN switches and routers.

adtran netvanta 1531pADTRAN Netvanta: Why More Companies Are Switching

Unified Systems Control For Everyone

Cisco was undoubtedly the trailblazer when it came to unified business networking – they were one of the major players who moved it from a tech gimmick to a technology that's viable for mass use. For years, one of their main focuses was on creating unified systems that could be controlled from a central area. However, only top-tier businesses could generally afford this technology.

Today, ADTRAN Netvanta switches, as well as virtually every other product in the ADTRAN line, can be linked together through their distributed ADTRAN Operating System (AOS). You get complete control over your network, through a single web interface that's accessible from anywhere, and that includes control over a distributed WLAN.

Dead Simple Expansions To Your WiFi Coverage

Very often, the biggest barrier to expanding the size of your WiFi network isn't your routers' capabilities, it's getting enough WiFi transmitters all in one place, and all speaking the same language. All too often, companies end up buying more routers than they need, to push their coverage bubble outwards to new buildings.

ADTRAN has been looking for ways to create simplified solutions and cut out unnecessary purchases. Their NetVanta wireless access points go a long way towards achieving that. These tiny devices can be installed in a matter of seconds and are entirely self-configuring. If you already have another ADTRAN Netvanta or other controller on the network, the Netvanta access point simply joins into the system moments after being activated.

That's it. Stick it to the wall, turn it on, and you have a new WiFi coverage zone.

And That's Not To Mention... The Price

adtran switchADTRAN's products are priced for everyday businesses, not solely for the huge players. With the Netvanta line, you get quality that rivals or beats Cisco, at prices that are generally half what Cisco charges. While there are some truly upper-tier services Cisco offers for global-level customers that cannot be beat, for a regular business, ADTRAN gives you more, for less.

When it comes time to submit your budget for a network upgrade, consider how much breathing room you'll have if your base network equipment is one-third to one-half what any other quality manufacturer charges. Does that mean showing it can be done when the CFO thought it would be too expensive? Or does it mean investing in better equipment for the network to link?

However you answer, Adtran switches are what we recommend for small to medium-sized businesses who are looking towards the future of their networks. Don't overpay – ADTRAN delivers top-tier performance at mid-level prices.

Topics: Extending Ethernet, Adtran