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What Makes An Aastra Phone Worth Buying?

by John Ciarlone on April 12, 2013

Aastra phone review You're on the hunt for the perfect phone to be installed into your office, but don't know where exactly to find the right information--or even the right phone, for that matter. Everyone is giving you recommendations on their favorite line of office phones and you're getting all sorts of emails about deals on phones that keep filling your inbox. When does the madness stop? Instead of being inundated with tons of information, just focus on this: the Aastra Phone (now Mitel).

Short on time? Download our free guide to buying a new phone system. 

If you're in the market to replace your telephone network for your business, you should go with a brand that all kinds of businesses trust and use on a daily basis. Aastra phones have been around for decades and even include newer technology such as video calls, implementing mobile devices, and VoIP systems. What else can you expect from an Aastra phone system?

mitel phoneSmall Or Large, Aastra(Mitel) Works

It doesn't matter if you're a small business or a larger corporation, Aastra just makes sense when it comes to your phones. They are able to accommodate for all sorts of businesses, no matter their size or budget. In fact, a business looking to save some extra money can even purchase gently used or refurbished phones that work just like they were brand new and out of the box. Aastra is a highly sought after brand for any kind of industry, you'd be surprised how many businesses you know use Aastra.

Any Type of Office

Not all offices and businesses run the same way, which is why the Aastra phone comes in different models and lines for offices that might prefer the traditional multi-line phone or a newer one that puts an emphasis on technology and wants to use IP-based communications. Aastra can also incorporate into an employee's mobile device and you can have crisp and clear video conferences that are very simple to set up. No more digging through a mountain of wires or having compatibility issues--everything just works.

Clear Reception, Perfect Quality

Because of Aastra's attention to detail and focus on quality, every product of theirs always reaches its topclarity.aastra mitel phones

You don't have to worry about low volumes on the phones or dealing with calls cutting out completely, all of the phones have a computer base that ensures they're always on and always ready to work for you. The reception is also digital, allowing for the best volume levels and consistently high quality that is expected of Aastra phones.

Comprehensive Applications

The office with today's technology is very lucky because of all the applications and software included into the package. This even includes phones which can have unified messaging across several different devices and employees can check their calls while out of the office with IP-based phones, and Aastra provides a very easy, but powerful, User Interface on their phones. You don't have to dig through endless menus to find your voicemail and your employees don't have to take a class to learn how to use their new phones. Aastra is very user friendly, no matter the person's technological proficiency.

On top of a killer warranty that can ensure your phones are protected for many years, as well as being able to get more for your money through refurbish programs, the Aastra line of business phones only continues to be a great answer for any company. Also, a technician can do the entire set-up for you, no hassle.

Aastra is the top supplier of business class telephone systems and offers so much to their customers, so why not use their products in your own office? 

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