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Adtran Netvanta 7100 Wins Best Phone System of 2012

by John Ciarlone on January 15, 2013

adtran 7100 phone system The cost of purchasing and maintaining a VoIP phone system is a significant impediment standing in the way of most small businesses and enterprises. The Netvanta 7100 is however a welcome surprise to your small businesses. It is differs from other VoIPs in that it comes with an option of combining several business functions all in one box. This is cost saving and an efficient solution to your businesses in comparison to other VoIP services that are needed to be used together with routers and switches. The Adtran Netvanta 7100 is the best solution for any small businesses that do not have the resources necessary to fund a large complex phone system in both deployment and personnel.  The box also comes with several integrated functionalities, once again proving to be both economical and in addition comes with an easy installation procedure. 

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The Netvanta 7100 specifications and Features

The phone system is an all I one communication platform with the routers and switchboard integrated into one.

The features of the Netvanta 7100 include:

  • Data Link Protocol is Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, its connectivity wired and its switching protocol uses Frame Relay and Ethernet.

  • The Remote Management runs under these protocols: CLI, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH and Telnet technologies.

The other significant features include:ADTRAN NetVanta 7100

  • It has 24 POE (power over Ethernet) ports.

  • Has a switch router that is integrated in the phone system; IP and PBX

  • It Has Virtual Private Networks and Wi-Fi controllers that are 8 in number. They are the access points for wireless connection in the Netvanta 7100.

  • Supports over 50 stations

  • SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) is user friendly

  • Voicemail memory is 50 hours and has 8 ports (SIP/PSTN)

  • The IP router has a firewall installed and is rich in features.

  • SLA (Shared Line Assistance)

  • Has a QoS (Quality of Service) layer 2 and layer 3

  • VQM and MOS and plays music when phone is on hold with a door relay and page on hold qualities.

  • Also has a GUI and a five year warranty.

  • It also supports 706/72 ADTRAN IP and other approved polycom phones.

With the above specs and features, this VoIP outdoes all other phone systems. It is the best solution for you and your business.

sdn Why is the Netvanta 7100 the Best?

The Netvanta 7100 has a number of benefits that will direct impact on you and your
 company. It will offer your business a lot of value and reduce the hassle of communication and many more benefits that include:

  • Cost effective and affordable especially if you have a medium office space.

  • Does not require for you to have a voicemail or phone license.

  • The fact that everything is integrated all into one box makes it easier for you to set up and manage. This requires unequivocally no special or advanced skills even in operation.

  • With the Netvanta 7100, you will not need any network assessments. The IP convergence is also simplified by far. This is due to the combination of all functions into one platform for simplicity.

  • Another advantage that you will enjoy with this phone system is the Voice quality monitoring and the mean optimum scoring functions that come with it.

  • The system also saves up a lot of office space as there is no more need for you to do a lot of cabling. The cable required is used sparingly.

  • The ADTRAN Operating system in the Netvanta 7100 allows for features like Voice-date convergence and a lot more. All this features however, do not compromise the functionality of your phone system.

  • The system also has just one management system. This way, only the administrator can effect changes on the system. This offers more safety for you and your office communication system as a whole. 


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