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Lowest Priced Phone Systems & Their Features

by John Ciarlone on October 13, 2012

At Hummingbird Networks, you are offered the best price in the market for the phone system of your choice. They can also help you narrow down and choose the right phone system. If you are not sure about the brand you want to go for, you can just send a query describing the features of the phone system and the possible brands offering the features you are looking for. A Fast Quote is generated for your query which provides you a clear sketch of the brands available along with their functionalities and is sent to you immediately.

Intensive research

A thorough research is required if you are planning to buy any phone system from the market. Especially, when the technology involved is so advanced, you have to put in extra efforts. Some factors which should always be kept in mind are:

  • Requirements: You have to be clear about what your expectations from your phone system are. Depending upon the scale of your business, amenities available in your business location and features required by you, a rigorous analysis of the market is needed.

  • Cost Effectiveness: You have to make sure that the phone system you are going for does not burn a hole in your pocket and also provides the features which are just right for you. You can go through numerous reviews to find the best deal.
    aastra phone system

  • Brand Value: There are many brands and service providers in the market. Some might not be completely true to their word and can have hidden charges/clauses. Personal attention should be given to this factor also.

Popular Low Cost Phone Systems

Hummingbird Networks offers the best services, the best phone systems, and the best prices in the market.

Aastra IP phones

Common Features: cost-efficient, practical design, easy to use and upgrade.

  • Aastra 9143i phone
    -Additional features: multiple call-handling capability, highly reliable, 
    tested and proven
    -Target customers: Customers looking for SIP features in regular phones
    -Market Price: $174.99, Offer Price: $143.00

  • Aastra 9480i phone 
    -Additional features: standards based security, context-sensitive soft-keys
    -Target customers: Customers looking for SIP and XML features in regular phones
    -Market Price: $239.99, Offer Price: $157.00

  • Aastra 6730i phone
    Additional features: advanced XML features, compatible with IP-PBX systems
    -Target customers: Customers looking for advanced features in low price
    -Market Price: $99.99, Offer Price: $74.38

    adtran 700 series

  • Aastra 6731i phone
    -Additional features: Multiline call display, compact structure

    -Target customers: Customers looking for advanced multi-line SIP features at low cost
     -Market Price: $129.99, Offer Price: $97.00

  • Aastra 6753i phone
    -Additional features: Compatible with leading IP phones
    -Target customers: Customers looking for light to regular weight phones
    -Market Price: $189.99, Offer Price: $147.00

  • Aastra 6755i phone
    -Additional features: advanced XML features for custom applications
    -Target customers: Customer looking for a phone having an efficient multiple calls handling features
    -Market Price: $249.99, Offer Price: $179.95

  • Aastra 6757i phone
    -Additional features: refined design, flexible features
    -Target customers: Customers looking for a large display screen
    -Market Price: $279.99, Offer Price: $224.00

  • Aastra 6739i phone
    -Additional features: Touch screen, inbuilt Bluetooth, USB port
    -Target customers: Customers looking for sophisticated touch screen phones
    -Market Price: $529.99, Offer Price: $411.00

Adtran IP 700 series phones

Common features: sleek, low-priced, multi-line and programmable, delivers high performance and functions

  • Adtran IP 706 phone
    -Additional features: Call hold, call forwarding , caller ID, Do not 
    disturb functionality
    -Target customers: Customers looking for efficient conference phonesadtran phones
    -Market Price: $249.00, Offer Price: $142.00

  • Adtran IP 712 phone
    -Additional features: Multiple call display, three-way local 
    -Target customers: Customers looking for advanced call manageability
    -Market Price: $299.00, Offer Price: $170.00

Adtran NetVanta 7000 Series Phone System

Common features: compact and simple structure, good for businesses which are new to VoIP, reduced installation issues

  • Adtran NetVanta 7100 phone
    -Additional features: No phone or voice mail licences required
    -Target customers: Small and medium businesses (bundle of 100) 
    -Market Price: $4,595.00, Offer Price: $2,986.00

Which phone system better suits you?

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