Your Network's Weakest Link: Humans

The majority of social engineering attacks and data breaches don't target software or hardware.  They target your own employees, tricking them into giving up access or confidential data.

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Employee Attacks Are On The Rise

Social engineering attacks are on the rise because they work. Even the most security trained professionals have clicked or opened something that they shouldn't as new attacks are becoming harder to recognize. 

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Can Your Employees Recognize an Attack?

Tactics such as phishing, baiting, tailgating, and pretexting are the tools of the social engineer.  Do your employees know what these are, and how to avoid them?

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We Can Protect Your Weakest Link

With a social engineering assessment from Hummingbird Networks, you can learn how vigilant your workforce truly is - and receive detailed information on how to protect your assets.

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Hummingbird Networks Tests Your Human Security

Through a variety of simulated social engineering attempts, including over the phone, via email, and others, we will discover whether your workforce can be tricked into divulging critical information.  You'll get a full report afterwards, with full actionable recommendations on improving workforce security.

There's No Such Thing As Security Through Obscurity

"We're too small to be targeted!" is not true in a world where social engineering attempts can be sent via email to millions of businesses at once, and where a single unwise click on a website can bring your business to the attention of attackers.  Businesses of every size need a workforce which can protect itself from social engineering attacks.

We Know Security Is More Than Hardware and Software

At Hummingbird Networks, we've long had a system security focus - and we understand security measures have to cover every area of your business.  We're proactive in our work with our clients, educating them on modern security threats and how to counter them.

How Hummingbird Tests Your Defenses

We will perform robust live tests, conducted by security and social engineering experts, specifically designed to mimic the same techniques attackers use.  If we can trick your workforce into divulging critical information, attackers can as well.  

Depending on your needs, our tests can include:

Telephone impersonations, pretending to be authority figures demanding information.

Email "phishing" techniques, using "con man" techniques to gain access.

False link emails, designed to trick employees into clicking compromised email links to fake sites that look real.

In-person attempts, such as "tailgating" through security checkpoints without proper credentials.

Dumpster diving, and other checks on your company's data and document disposal policies.

Physical lock surveys, testing your hands-on security.

We Want You To Be Safe and Knowledgeable

Our tests are conducted in a safe and secure way, with any data revealed properly disposed of. Then you get a full report on our activities, with actionable recommendations on improving your policies or training programs to implement. 

Reduce Costly Intrusions

A majority of system intrusions actually begin with information garnered from unsuspecting employees.  Plug that particular security hole, and your risks are greatly reduced.

Increase Workforce Knowledge

An informed worker is an empowered worker.  By knowing the tricks of the social engineering trade, they can spot and report potential attack vectors long before they become a threat.

Build Customer Confidence

Your customers need to know their data is safe with you!  Showing them a stellar social engineering assessment report, backed by solid training programs, will help gain that trust.

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